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March 30, 2012
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You're in a deep sleep when the strong wind awake you, you wondered why the door at the balcony was opened, you thought you locked it.

When the window curtains moved you saw a figure of human, It's eyes were glowing red. You get out of bed and approached to him,
You opened your mouth to say something but when you blinked he dissapeared in an instant and left a red rose.

Your freaking alarm clock rung and you gasped

'Is that a dream?' you wondered. When you looked at the bedside table, the red rose was there

'I guess it's not...'

You got out of bed to get ready for school, Once you finished preparing your things, you head to school

'I wonder who's that guy...? He looks familiar...'

Then your bestfriend Kiku called you.
"__-san! Ohayou gozaimasu(Good Morning)"

"Oh Kiku, mornin'" you replied

"Is that a red rose? Who gave you that?" he asked

"This...? Uhh... Kiku can i tell you about my dream last night?" you questioned

"Anytime" he said

"I've saw a perso一"

"It's a rapist ___-san!" he cried randomly

"I'm not finished yet!" you said

"Oh sorry please continue" he muttered

"Last night there was a person standing at the balcony, It's kinda odd you know? His eyes are glowing red..." you said

"Well... I think it's not a dream" you added

"How can you tell?" he asked

"He was holding this flower and left, So when i woke up this was there" you said, looking at the rose

"Then why don't you confirm it yourself? Wait for him tonight" he suggested

"I'll try that but what if he don't come?" you asked

"Wait until he comes" he said

"O-okay... Let's go we're getting late"

                     (In the Classroom)

"This time our topic is about vampires" said your teacher while flipping the pages

'Vampires? How unusual...'

"Vampires are legendary creatures, they are folkloric things who lives by feeding on the life essence or by drinking bloods, We can't tell if they're undead or living persons, Their appearances are the following: They have pale skin and when night comes their eyes are glowing red."


"__-san, is that what you're talking about?" Kiku whispered, trying not to be heard by the  teacher


"Can you tell me how he looks?" he asked

"He has a brown hair... and fairly tall"

"...They can be seen in the Southern part of Europe like Greece and Romania" your teacher continue discussing but you and Kiku are not slightly paying attention

"Greece..." Kiku mumbled like something has in mind

"Something wrong, Kiku?" you asked

"Did you just heard what the teacher said?"

"Not really..."

"You said he has a brown hair, right? The teacher said vampires are originated from Greece"


"I heard that a Greek transferred here 3 months ago, he also has a brown hair..." said Kiku

"So... Do you mean he's that guy?"

"We're not sure, Let's check it out later"

(After Class)

You and Kiku went to the faculty room to ask your teacher more about vampires.

"Yes? May i help you with something?" your teacher asked

"About the discussion earlier..." you said

"Vampires? What about it?"

"Are there still vampires these days?" you asked

"According to the book, Yes and by the way, Vampires are immortals so, they can live for millions years."

"Thank you sir, and can i see the students list?" you asked

"And why Ms. ___?"

"We want to check something" you said

"Alright" he opened the drawer and handed you a few folders

"Can we return them tomorrow?" Kiku asked

"Sure but don't let the other teachers know" he whispered and you both left.

Kiku asked if he can stay at your house to help you search that Greek.

(At the Living room)

"Did you find him?" you asked

"Still not" Kiku replied while flipping the pages

When you flipped the last page...

"K-Kiku..." you called


"Is this... him...?" you questioned, pointing a person at the paper then Kiku sat beside you.

"Hera...cles... Karpus...?"

"A Greek!!" you cried

"But he don't look like a vampire doesn't he?" said Kiku
"I know, right?"

"__-san, I'll leave now it's time for me to do my homeworks" said Kiku, standing up


"Please be careful of that creature again"


(In your bedroom)

You want to sleep but you can't, you're so scared that what if something bad happen to you? What if that "creature" comes again? What if he suck your blood?You even hid a small knife below your pillow.

You kept trembling then you felt that strong wind again

'He's there... right?' you can tell by the scent
Requested by :iconxyaoifangirl:

Pt. 2: [link]

Greece <3
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 I've never read a Vampire! Greece x reader! this is going to be interesting!! I'm so reading more! Excellent work too!
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"It's a rapist!"
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It's a rapists reader-chan
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