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April 5, 2012
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"Let's play spin the bottle!!"

"Why is that all of a sudden?" you raised an eyebrow

Then Francis whispered "To determine if Romano and Toni likes you" he smirked like a pervert

"Frenchy! Give me that bottle on your side" Gilbert pointed the bottle then Francis tossed it at him

"__ you sit between Romano and Toni" said Francis sounding have something in mind

"Why? We're juust playing anyways? It doesn't matter won't it?"

"Just sit" Francis' rape face scared you so you obeyed

"Let's start" said Gilbert then spun the bottle

'I hope it don't point at Gilbert or Francis' Unluckily, it pointed at Gilbert
'God... do you hate me?'

"So Antonio... true or consequence?"

"T-True..." he answered quietly

"Do you like, no... do you love ___?" Gilbert questioned

"Wha-!?" Antonio gasped

"Gil! I'm gonna kill you later!!" you hissed

"Calm down __ and hear what Toni will say..." said Francis

"Can i switch to consequence?" Antonio asked

"He fell for it!" said Francis but it doesn't heard by the three just you.

'He fell for what?' you wondered

"Consequence huh?" Gilbert smirked "Then kiss ___!!" he laughed evilly

"What the heck!?" You and Romano said in unison then looked at each other

"Francis... you and Gil planned it didn't you!?" you growled while grabbing his collar

"I'm sure you'll like it mon cher!" Francis gave you a wink

"What mein freund? Can't do it? or should i just make Roma do it?"

"Alright... just on the cheek right?"

"No way Toni~ Kiss ___ on the lips~" said Francis while copying Italy's vee~ face

"Hell no!" you denied quickly

"This is just a game mon cher~ don't take in seriously"

'The frog's right... this is just a game... I shouldn't take it seriously but kissing me is just...'

"Hurry up Antonio otherwise i'll make Roma to do it" said Gilbert

"Alright alright! don't be too impatient!" Spain sighed and stared at you.

When he leaned forward Gilbert stood up and pushed Antonio's head to made things faster, Gilbert Beilschmidt is too impatient huh?


"Gil!! Why did you do that??!!" you asked and chased Gilbert

"What...? You'll just kiss him anyways~" he smirked and continued running

"Gil! Look at here!" you said and he turned around, when he turned around you threw a tomato straightly hitting him on the face

"He got trolled!" Francis, Antonio, and Romano burst out in laughing, later on you joined them

"You got me there, madel" he said while wipping the tomato on his face, he's not angry though

"Okay okay! Let's resume the game!" said Francis then you and Gil sat down and Antonio spun the bottle 'NOOOOOO!!' you screamed in your mind, it pointed at Francis

"Then for Roma, true or consequence?"

"I'll go with c-consequence..." said Romano, you didn't expect that Romano is also playing this awesome but idiotic idea of Gilbert

"Lock yourself on the cabinet with ___"

"The hell!?" you and Romano said in unison again...

"Alright alright let the consequence begin!!" Francis and Gilbert dragged you to a big cabinet and locked you both.

"GET US THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!" said Romano

"Do what did i say earlier! then we'll let you out" said Gilbert

"What did he said?" you asked. When the time Gilbert is dragging Romano, he already mentioned the condition. "Tell ___ you love her"

"___..." Romano called


"They're starting!!" said Gilbert quietly while putting their ears on the cabinet

"Something wrong Romano? you look like a tomato..." you chuckled

"___, can you put your ear closer?"

"Yeah what?"

"Ti amo" he whispered

"I love you too, Romano" you smiled

"Hey! Beilschmidt! I'm done!"

"We didn't hear it!"

"But i really said it! Ask ___!" then Gilbert opened the cabinet

"Did Romano said something?" he asked

"Y-yes..." you answered 'So that was just an act... huh...?'

"Guys... I'm going home..." you said and marched outside

"What happened to ___?" Antonio asked

"She probably taken the joke seriously..." said Francis

"Hey Spain, can you lend me your phone?" Romano asked


You cried as you head home thinking what you have done. 'It's so embarrassing right?'
then your phone got a message.

"I mean it ___, It's not a joke...  I love you so much" after that Romano spammed your inbox by texting "Ti Amo"
End! :D

Part 1:


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