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May 4, 2012
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You were assigned by the Hokage to guard Uchiha Sasuke for 24 hours, so it means everyday. Uzumaki Naruto already brought his ass back on Konoha. Tsunade thought that Kabuto might take back Sasuke onto Akatsuki's hands and drive him insane again. You were kind of tired, following him everywhere and hiding from him everytime.

'He's strong enough... He can protect himself right?' you sighed, hiding behind of the fences, you were a stealth ninja and an ANBU. Sasuke was eating at Ichiraku Ramen with Naruto and Kakashi. Your stomach suddenly growled, you decided to eat some. Sasuke didn't knew that he was being guarded so it's okay for you to show yourself to him.

"1 bowl please" you said as you sat down beside Kakashi. "Hey Kakashi, Mind to switch places with me?" you whispered, loud enough being heard by him.

"The Hokage only assigned it to you, I don't want to stick my nose on someone's bussiness" he teased

"Ahh, you just want to read the book that Lord Jiraiya gave you all day right? you lazy mask-freak..." you pouted, he giggled. He patted your head and left.

"Your name is ____ right?" said Naruto

"Y-Yeah, How did you know?"

"I heard from Kakashi-sensei... you become a jounin at a young age"

"Eh...? Yeah, That's true" you chuckled

"And Sasuke always talk-" Sasuke suddenly covered his mouth.

"Shut up, Idiot!" Sasuke snarled, you blinked two times and don't know what's happening to him.

"You two are really close huh?" you giggled

"I-It's not like that..." Sasuke blushed

"What the hell, Sasuke? you're blushing?"

"Huh? Like hell I do, you idiot" he smacked Naruto before he left.

"Uhh... Naruto, I still have a work to do, so then!" you bid him a goodbye and left quickly to search for Sasuke. He suddenly dissapeared, you can't even trace his chakra, the first thing you thought that something bad happened to him. You saw Iruka sitting on a bench and asked him If he saw Sasuke, he said he went straight to an old warehouse. You immediately went to the warehouse but you still can't sense his chakra. The warehouse is so dark, you couldn't barely see yourself.

Then, the door suddenly closed and someone pinned you down. The light went on, You saw Sasuke on top of you and pointing a kunai on you.



"So you're the one who's following me all day huh?"

"You just noticed?"

"I hate to admit it, but yes" he said as he stood up and lend his hand to help you.

"Why are you following me?" he asked

"Ah... I just wanted to say s-something to you..." you replied nervously

"If you wanted to say something, why didn't you tell me when we're still at Ichiraku?"

"Eh!? Ah..." 'God... I just dug my own grave...' "Nevermind about that, What is it you want to say?"

"I... I forgot 'bout it!" you forced yourself to smile.

"IS that so? Well, I'm leaving..." he sounded like he's waiting for you to say something and sounds so unsatisfied.

After he left, you headed to the Hokage's room to talk to Tsunade, but she wasn't there, according to Shizune, she went out for gambling and drinking, again...

"Is there a substitute for me? like Kakashi, Sai or something!"

"I don't think so ___~ You're the only one I can put you on this S-rank mission~" she's drunk as you expected. You went stealth mode again and headed to Sasuke's apartment. He was planning to take a shower, you saw him took of his shirt. Of course, you covered your eyes.

"____, I know you're there..." said Sasuke as he wrapped the towel around his waist.

"I-It's not like I'm-" he suddenly picked you up bridal style, his attitude changed

"Okay okay! Let's take a bath together!" he ran to the bathroom with a smirk on his face.
Sasuke? I didn't knew you were a pedo like Kakashi does O_o

A request from :icongoreyhannah2gud:
(Please excuse my grammars for now :iconbowplz:) -will go to sleep-
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