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July 8, 2012
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While you were in the middle of watching a romance movie with Yekaterina, you suddenly felt an odd feeling. You rushed to the bathroom and vomitted on the sink. 'Oh God...' you told yourself. You got out of the bathroom and told Yekaterina what happened. 

"Could it be you're... Pregnant?!" her eyes widened in anticipation. 

"W-We can't tell that for now" you said, slightly smiling while scratching the back of your head. 

You two went to the clinic to get consulted. 

"Do your best, __!" she said with puppy eyes. 

"Hey hey, I'm still getting checked, save that when I'm about give birth~"

You sat down on the chair and faced the doctor. 

"So, how are you feeling these days?" she asked. 

"Hmm... I don't feel anything suspicious, I feel normal on the past few days but what I just did earlier... I vomitted..." you facepalmed. 

"How about an ultrasound then?" she suggested. 


"Yes, it's necessary for married women"


"Come on __! I really want to know if you're pregnant!" Yekaterina said, pushing you to the curtained room and forced you to lay down. 

The pediatrician started the session, she was scanning your belly. 

"Oh look, look! There really is a baby!!!" 

"You're right..." you said, amazed. 

"Congratulations, you're pregnant" the pediatrician smiled at you. 

"I'm sure Ivan will be happy!" Yekaterina squealed, more excited than you are. 

You two home after that, Yekaterina was talking non-stop and asking you interesting things like, "What name are you gonna name it?!" or "When you're gonna deliver the baby?!"

"Now, let's plan a schedule!" she said, acting as if she were your mother. 

"Schedule for what?"

"Schedule for ultrasound! And plan what you will it from now on! Of course, no sweets!"

"I'm okay with the ultrasound sessions but am I really forbidden to eat sweets?! Anything but that!"

"No no no!" she shook her head. 

"And... Why don't you start wearing dresses?"

"My belly hadn't grow yet, it's way too early!"

"No!" she pushed you to a room, forcing you again, to wear a white dress this time!

"Ohohoho~ it really fits you!"

"Seriously, do I have to wear this?"

"Of course! You're pregnant after all!"

It was about her time to leave, Yekaterina packed all the sweets and junk foods you have in the refrigerator and planning to bring them home. Of course, she even replaced them by fresh raw vegetables and fresh fruits. 

"Are you sure you can be by yourself? I can stay a little more longer until Ivan comes" she said, with a  worrying voice. 

"I'll be fine. Your boss will get mad if you don't go home right? Besides, Ivan will go home soon" 

"Just contact me if anything happens okay?"

"Okay okay~"

You closed the door and head to the kitchen to cook dinner. 

'My sweets... I'm going to miss you, sweets!' you felt yourself like an idiot. 'Cut it out!' Yekaterina also told you not to eat too-greasy foods. So you had no choice but to eat vegetables while your husband is having fun eating "delicious" foods! After a while, Ivan went home. His suit is still clean, how arranged it was, is out question. Tie lowered, Three buttons undone. 

"What's up with that cute dress?" he wrapped his arms on your waist. 

"Are you mocking me?"

"Eh? In a bad mood?"

"Not really..." you sighed. 

"So what?" 

"I'm... Pregnant..." 

"Oh?! Really?!"

"Should I repeat it?"

Ivan expressed his excitedness through kisses. He said he's the happiest man alive. 

"Did you go out for an ultrasound?" he asked. 

"Yes, I never knew I'm 2 months pregnant"

"So our hardwork has finally been paid off eh~?"
sorry if I submitted it today O_o
there's still part 2 by the way XDD (noticed it rhymed, laugh trip XDD)

Russia, you perv XDD
and sorry if the lines about being pregnant is wrong, I'm still underaged lol so don't expect something XDD

Image by this awesome person: [link]

Request by:icontheprincessofchaos:
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kawaiibunny4 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"Hard work "
Masked-Girl32 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014 eh,
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*blushes* y-yeah it did pay off *nuzzles into Russia neck*
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:iconmegablushplz: H-h...*gulps* hard w-work?!
:iconrussiaplz:-Didn't you know?
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...Hardwork eh? Nosebleed Plz Nosebleed uhhh cold ... UGH MY THOUGHTS GOT TO ME *explodes cuz of pervy thoughts Explosion *
lolamanny Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

"So our hardwork has finally been paid off eh~?"

My reaction: Uhhh what? *has realization and facepalms* I love this though .3.

Sweet I'm going to be a daddy:iconfanboyingplz: I mean mommy:iconsatoshineplz:
alexchanYaoi Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
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OMG That last line was hilarious but really cute!!!  XD  I love it~
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