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November 5, 2012
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The photo shoot ended in 3 hours, it was a great success since that shooting would be the last you'll do in New York. You will kinda miss it though, because you had met a new friend, Alfred's friend, Leon. Now back to the current situation... As always, you hurriedly picked up your things and headed outside but since Alfred was a fast runner...

"Put me down!!!" you cried, struggling from his shoulder. Alfred was acting that he kidnapped you because he threw you inside his car like a sack of rice, good thing the car seats were not hard to make you break a bone. He locked all the door locks and pushed you down along with the car seat.

'Is this man trying to commit a crime?!' you said mentally.

"Ah, this is like a Hollywood movie."

"I don't care if this is like a movie but it's a f*cking crime!"

"__! Tell me! Have I done something?!" he changed the topic as he asked angrily. You didn't gave him an answer instead you looked away.

"Mind to let me out?"

"I won't until you tell me why!"

"It's nothing...!"

"Are you retarded? I know you have a reason!"

"Like I said! It's nothing!"

"Come on..." he suddenly became serious.

"Look, I'm sorry for ignoring you like that," you sat up and placed your palm on his cheek, now acting like an actress from a movie and wearing a fake smile, a really bad one... But you know, it was just an act to make him forget it and don't ask you about it any further.

"__, your acting is bad as always... You're like an actress paid from a cheap movie. " he made a poker face.

"Ah?! Did you just insulted me just now!?" Alfred had his own movie, it was close to Matrix but something cooler than that! and he was the main character. It became popular for years... really...

"Hey babe, how about we make a bet?"

"I never know you're into gambling." you turned cold again.

"No, just tryin' but I'm not gambling with money."

"So... What?"

"Your love."

You were surprised of course. You didn't expected he'll say that because normally he would talk about non-sense things or manly stuffs, he don't talk about love, he despise them. He talked about betting your love on him, Alfred said if he become the cover boy of the New York Times Magazine next week which you thought it was impossible, you'll go out with him anywhere and anytime he wants to. It's like you completely become an underling that is wearing a collar that couldn't be taken off! and if he don't win, it was the opposite. You answered him 'deal' so he can run errands for you so you don't have to go out to buy something simple and you need to conceal your identity unless you want to get stomped on a stampede.

"But why me? Aren't there lots of hot women scattered on the streets?"

"Dirty." he said.

"Then why me?"

"Do you really want to know?" he stared at you with a sexy-lazy eyes.

"I wouldn't ask you twice if I don't want to know."

"Because I'm the type of man that deserves women I don't deserve~ that's all."

'That's not the answer I want to hear, you idiot!!!'
Uh... is that... a pickup line...? XDD
What's happening to me!!! :iconshockplz:
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My thoughts in the beginning, Are we couple? Know what we should be
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