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October 22, 2012
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Punkish Professionals

You were at your apartment, reading your schedule with glasses on while drinking a cappuccino coffee. It had 14 photoshoots straight, no gaps. It was been 2 years working with another professional model living just at the next door, He's Alfred F. Jones, a punk. At first, you had a hard time getting along with him but since he was on the next door, you became close and also because you work with him as models. You both are very popular because of you two's good look and kind to others not like the other Actors and Actresses. Three minutes left till your next photoshoot. This time it'll be on New York, you heard from Alfred that there'll be a male model you two will work with, you asked him who is it but he told you you'll meet him once you got there. That person is also a Jones. A close friend but not a relative.

"__! Let's go!" Alfred shouted behind your door.

"W-Wait!" you responded. You quickly ran at the sink to place your coffee and grabbed your red bag after that. You opened the door and found the American smiling at you. Of course, that eyeliners couldn't be forgotten, his life couldn't be completed without them.

"You look like a normal gal when at home but you totally look like a hot babe when at the set." he said with that perverted smile. You ignored him with tinted-pink cheeks and pulled him by his hand, going to his car. As always, opening the door for you like a gentleman. The backseat was full of large bags, you two will be at New York for 3 days. Yes, 3 days with those bags full of clothes. Why? Your managers won't let you look like "normal" person, a model must look like an elegant person even you're just living in an apartment.

"Al, who is this another Jones by the way?" You thought he had forgotten that you questioned him last Tuesday because you knew he have a short-term memory.

"You'll know once we get there."
Same question, same answer.

'Oh...' You furrowed your eyebrows and looked out of the window on your side.

"__, let's eat dinner tonight together!" Alfred said.

"Huh? Don't you know that I'll be having a photoshoot until 8:50 PM?" you looked back at him.

"Yeah I know."

"The restaurant at the hotel will close at 8:30PM don't it?"

"That's why I want to it with you today. I want to eat alone with you."

"It'll close..."

"No, It'll not."

"How can you say that?"

"Because I told that restaurant manager not to close until I come." He smiled a bit, feeling wanted to laugh.

'This person might did something...'

Few moments later, you two got on your destinations. There were lots of lots of fans waiting on the door, almost blocking the road. Some were holding fansigns and some were wearing T-shirts with you and Alfred's pictures printed there. The bodyguards came to block the fans to keep them away from you two. The fans squealed when Alfred went out of the car and it got louder when you came out. Even just outside of the set, there were photographers already.

"I love you Alfred!!!!"

"__ you're the best!!!!!!!"

"Ahaha... Thanks." you both said at the same time, you two noticed it and laughed at each other. While walking towards the door, a young girl who's younger than got tripped, blocking the way.

"Ouch... That hurts..." the young girl groaned in pain, she fell with her face first. You helped the girl before and Alfred do and the bodyguards to pull her harshly.

"Are you okay?" you questioned, removing the dirt at her forehead and nose.

"Y-Yes..." the girl said with a blush. For her, you look like an angel that helped her to get up.

"Next time be careful okay? A woman mustn't let her face get dirtied." you said with a smile, patting her head.

"O-Okay..." she said.
And then you both proceeded inside.
This is just like the Hot Damn series but reader-tan isn't a DJ~ but a model~!!!

Preview picture not mine :)

Next: [link]
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