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January 14, 2013
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Three years had passed so fast. You had gone through in three years of sadness too. It seems like everytime Alfred  calls you and then finished talking, you always cried. You could video-call him but what you wanted was to see him in personal. In addition, the call was limited. You heard that the space shuttle, Endeavor, which Alfred was riding finally coming back to Earth. Of course, Alfred finally can finish his contract because he only signed for a three-year contract. You were so excited to see him again after all these years. You told yourself to have a day-off for today. You disconnected the telephone, turned off your cellphone and logged out all of your Internet accounts except for the cellphone that its number only knows by Alfred and Leon, you were not going to accept any offers today. You were in the middle of watching at Discovery Channel about the space, it seemed interesting to you so you decided to watch it until the end.

"I want to see him now..." you said, plopping back on the sofa but still watching the TV with a lazy look.


'No way...' you told yourself.
You hurriedly called Leon over the phone. You can't call Alfred due to the reason that he was still floating at the outer-space~

"Leon!!!" you cried.

Leon didn't responded for a moment but after a few seconds he talked.
"Hm?" you can barely hear the sound of the blanket so it means he was still in bed. "Will you please don't call me when I'm still sleeping..." Leon groaned.

"Forget that, hurry up and come with me at NASA's Headquarters!"
"Why...? Later..." Leon said.
"But right now―"

"Oi Whaii― no... Sam!!!" There'll be a confusion if he called out "Whaii" because there were two of them.

"Sam...? Who's that...?" you asked.
"Yes...?!" the young boy wearing an apron and was cooking , replied from the kitchen.

"Could you drive __ to NASA?"

"NASA?! We're going to school!"

"Damn..." Leon said.

"Come on!"

"Yea' yeah... Just a moment..." then you heard a loud thud, Leon fell from the bed.

'He's that sleepy...?'

You ran to the kitchen and sunk the plates to the sink, leaving it there and decided to wash it later. You rushed outside and waited for the New Yorker to come. While waiting, you look troubled as ever as if your house will be demolished soon.  The evil side of you doesn't care to know if that gigantic space shuttle will be going to crash but the main problem, your lover, Alfred, was riding on it as well. Soon, Leon arrived with two little kids at the backseat.

"Let's go?" You went to the front seat, beside him.

"Hey, is that your kids?"

"As if... I've never dated anyone."

"So it's true that all of the Jones in America doesn't like dating?"

"Isn't that being stereotypical?"

"Because you and Al is―" The reasons he told you were... They were models that needs to work and they couldn't find a better girl. Majority of female Americans were their fans.

"What a reason..."

"We are Jones after all." He smirked as he drove. Next, you asked him why they were two little cute kids at the backseat. Answering you they were from the working single mother from the neighborhood. "The bad thing is, Sam is weak for children..."

"Sam? Who's that?"
"I mentioned about the twins right?"
"It's the male one."
"It's hilarious on how you classified the two."
"They look identical... Really... Goodness they have different hair colors. Oh yeah, why did you suddenly want me to take you to NASA? I thought bro will come at the afternoon?" Leon grown tired of the "twin topic"
"Didn't you heard the news?!"
"Easy easy, girl..."
"Like I can! They said it'll crash! 80%"
"Geez... It won't, there's still 20%"
"That's heartless of you!"

You became irritated more when a news was broadcasted on the radio, it was the same like the one which was displayed on the TV. You realized that you shouldn't had allowed him to go so far because going outer space can have its risks. However, it was Alfred's dream, he can't be happy.

'I wonder how what he looks like now... Got a bit mature? Hair grew longer?' enough with the fangirl fantasies, you told yourself.

"Could you drive a little more faster?!"

"We'll get caught by the polices even we're models! Look, there's NASA"

You told Leon to stop the car and as soon as it stopped, you ran outside and talked to the wandering female scientist with black hair, as if she was looking for something she lost.

"You know... Alfred F. Jones right?" you said, trying to be calm.
"Yes. Could you be... Ms. __?"
"Could you come with me?" she asked.

It would be okay to leave Leon at the car since he was playing with the kids even though he doesn't like it but he had to do it. While on the other hand, you followed the not so old lady inside, seeing so many things that were working with technologies like robots and humanoids. You thought the world had gone really far, it felt like the world will be reborn with full of supernatural technologies and robots that surpassed humans. You were busy looking at the unusual things, without knowing, you were just following, the lady took you to a dim auditorium where meetings where held. There weren't people except for you and her. You were curious what you were doing here, it was not like Alfred told them that you'll be Alfred's substitute...

"I hope you don't mind asking me this but... What are we doing here?"

"You'll know soon, Mrs. Jones!" the lady grinned.

'Mrs. Jones?!  I'm not even married to that man!' but you felt happy and found no problem from hearing that since you love him enough to marry him.

"Please start it!" the lady said suddenly. The large screen in front of you turned on and displayed a video with a cheerful man.

"Hi babe!" It was Alfred in his usual clothes and inside the space shuttle, floating freely while using his laptop.

"Have fun watching it, Ms. __." the lady said and left you with a smile on her face.

"Damn, I really miss you, babe. How are you doing now? I'm sure you're working very hard. Look! I'm in the outer space now and my dream finally came true!" Alfred focused the camera on the window to let you look on the galaxy which was full of stars.

"Here's my picture with the Nebula, Awesome isn't?! Are you happy to see that it's real and not just drawn by someone?" You were surprised that he KNOWS you wanted to see a real Nebula.

'Just what in the world is this man... Why he knows everything about me?'

"It was really beautiful to see it with your own eyes. I hope someday I could bring you here and see you having fun looking at the outer space AGAIN."
'I don't get it... Why? Why he knows...?'

"Haha, I can't wait to go home, if I can see you again, that is."

"DON'T SAY THAT, YOU RETARD!" you didn't know what you were doing, shouting at a recorded video...

"Don't be mad!" Alfred predicted that you'll be angry if he say that so there was nothing to get surprised. "My hair has gotten longer isn't?"
One of your fangirl fantasies, Check.
"And I got a little mature?"
And again, Check. "I think I got used without using any eyeliners. For a while, I felt I'm no longer a punk. But I'm looking forward for my love to put eyeliners on me again and wake up my punkish side again! And I'll also look forward for my beautiful girlfriend to mess up with my hair again! ... Oh?" Alfred took a glance at his wristwatch, "Time for me to work now, I still have to pass the datas. See you soon, babe! I love you and please... LOOK AT YOUR BACK."

'My back? What would I do with these red seats...' you turned around, uninterested.


"Oh my gosh..." your eyes became watery and the tears fell down.

"Al...!" you ran to the slightly wounded American and hugged him tightly.

"O-Ouch..." he groaned.

"Sorry..." You were just excited... "What ha―" Alfred suddenly kissed you softly. Without a second thought, you kissed back. Soon as your lips parted, he started to talk.

"What did you were trying to say?"

"You suddenly kissed me that I couldn't finish...!" You pinched his cheeks with both of your hands.

"I asked where did you got that wounds... You're full of bandages!"

"When we are coming down, Endeavor suddenly fired up. It crashed 120 kilometers from the land...  14 meters per second..."

"That fast?!?!"

"Yep... Sounds deadly huh?"

"You're a monster..."

"Well... Don't underestimate me~"

"Can you go home now? Leon is waiting outside."

"Yea, there's my things~" he pointed the luggage at his back. You and Alfred exited the auditorium and heading outside. His fellow scientists and astronauts were praising him for a good job done. When you two reached the outside, Leon was still playing with the kids, playing hide and seek.

"Hide yourselves..." You could tell Leon was pissed and exhausted.
"Bro? What are you doing?" Alfred questioned.
"Oh? Bro! You're still alive!" Leon gave him a bro-hug.
"Don't say that bro!"
"Just surprised because of that hit..."
"You saw it?"
"Landed so fast and the exploded."
"It happened earlier? How come I didn't heard it?! Am I going deaf?!" you panicked a bit.
"You can't hear anything when you're inside of the auditorium, you can't even hear that the world just exploded."
"Awesome. A perfect place for me!" Leon said.
"Leo! When you're gonna find us?!" the little girl and the little boy came out behind the car and approached to Leon.
"We've been playing for like a hundred times now! Give me a break!" He messed up the little boy's hair.

"Bro..." Alfred called.
"How old is this children are?"
"Both 3 years old." Leon answered.
Alfred was about to punch Leon but he caught his friend's fist.
"Woah! hold it there!"
"What's up with this? Did you made this children with __?!??"
"What?!" you and Leon said at the same time, dumbfounded.
"No! You got it wrong―"
"But why this children are both 3 years old? Did you two made these while I'm away?!"
"I said no!" Leon said.
"I can't believe it!" Alfred chased Leon while the kids just laughed and you laughed along.

"He's still the same."
the next chapter is REALLY the last XDD
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