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December 27, 2012
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"Re-Remember this, Jones!!!" the leader said.

"Just how many times you've said that?" Alfred went outside to check you out. He found you sitting on the floor, hugging your legs and shivering.

"__, You okay?"

"As if I'm okay!"

'Oh... She's really afraid of fights...' "I'm sorry, was I loud?"

"Let's forget that... Let's go home..."

To go home faster, he carried you behind his back while you were hiding in his sweater. You were afraid to speak because he might get angry and... punch you like he did earlier?

"You're so reckless!" you hadn't spoken yet but he already got angry. "Why did you ran away?! If you need help, you should have asked me!" The feeling was like being lectured by the teacher.

"It's... nothing."

"Are you mocking me? You won't ran away with no reason! This is the second time!"

"Bring me down... I can walk by myself...!"

"No. I won't bring you down until you tell me why!"

"Why? Why would you go that far?"

"Because you mean a lot to me."
You were so surprised.

"... It's embarrassing!" you said.

"I just said you mean a lot to me but I didn't get embarrassed. It's unfair!"

Alfred was still running in the rain, you could tell he was almost tired. The house was still way too far, in addition, he can't see properly in the dark.

"I got... so shy when..." you thought saying that thing was much worse than confessing love.


"Remember when... We were at London? The time you dragged me to the riverbank?"

"Yeah? What about it?"

"When you described me... In eight adjectives...?"


"T-That's it!!!"

"I may be a prank master but... I really meant that." Alfred stopped running. "I really love you, not as my bestfriend but as a woman...!" you can barely see from his back he was blushing. "I don't care what others would say in the news that I'm friendzoned or any intrigues―"

"Shut up, gigantic moron... I still haven't rejected you but you're saying that...?!"

"'Still'? So you're gonna reject me later?"
You hit his head yet...
"You never fail to amuse me!" you giggled. "Well, I have a little crush on you so... I think I might as well give in. I love you too, Mr. Punk." that made Alfred smile. He ran again but this time, his full-speed.

"__, is it okay if I sleep with you?"

"... Go ahead."

You were so happy that you hugged him tightly. You didn't expected that your long time annoying-that-you-could-hate-him-friend will be your boyfriend.
Thanks to the moonlight, it led Alfred to the house. He told you to change your clothes quickly to prevent cold.

"But what about you?" you said, worrying.

"A hero won't easily catch a cold. Don't worry, I'll change after you."  he rarely show his smile but he can show this to you from now on. Soon, you and Alfred changed into dry clothes and went to bedroom to sleep.

"Babe?" Alfred called and you opened your eyes again.


"Why did you got mad at me? For the first time?"

"Huh? When was that?"

"When we were at my car. Photo shoot in New York."

"Oh...?" 'Another embarrassing moment...'
"Leon told me you like a girl... So I thought you went out to date her without telling me."
Of course, after confessing your love, you'll have the courage to tell him that.

"I never knew you are that numb..." he pulled you closer and made your head rest on his chest. "I believe I told you that I'll never date anyone. If I am, I would tell you right?"

"So you didn't dated anyone that time?"  

"Yea'. Let me see... You got jealous?" A smirk was playing on his lips.

"That girl must be lucky..."

"Then consider yourself lucky."

"Because you're that girl I'm referring just now."
I realized that I'm no longer used to cheesy moments so I'm thinking right now if I wrote them badly... o_O
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