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(Warning: OOC and such "words")

You thought he just remembered it because you had told him about that. There was no way you could've met him and forgot. If Alfred knew you then why he felt so new to you when you and Alfred first met at the meeting room? He even introduced himself formally without telling you "Hello! It's been a while!"

'But I won't really mind if I met. In fact, I'll be happy?'

Alfred was helping you chop the meats and the leafy vegetables. Of course, he'll eat meat while you'll just have a vegetable salad because you were afraid that rice made you fat. It would be a serious problem for a pro-model like you.

"Ever since I met you __, I always feel that there's a barrier around me that I'm not allowed to touch fatty-foods..." Alfred said.

"Oh? So I have that kind of superpower?"

"Then you are... Superhero MS.Y.S.E.J.S." he spelled.

"Now what is that?!"

"Ms. You-shouldn't-eat-junks super hero?"

"You have a horrible naming taste..."

'Oh... Now that he mentioned that... Did Alfred told me the same thing when we are in London...?'

"I LOVE YOU Ms. (Full name)"

"Ah?!?!" you suddenly shouted with a massive blush. 'I'm so stupid! Why I forgotten about that?! This is bad! That man is here...! Right beside me!!!'

"H-Hey! What happened?" Alfred got startled.

"... Don't mind me ..." you looked down while blushing.

"Huh?" he went closer and focused his eyes on you. "You're red. Fever?" Alfred turned your head to him and pressed his forehead against yours. "None?"

" ... WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU SHAMELESS IDIOT?!" you hit his head.

"I was just checking if you have a fever!"

"I don't have..."

"That's crazy... Hitting me out of blue."

"I-I'm sorry...! I'll go to the store... It seems we're out of vegetables... I'll come home right away...!" you said in a rush as you hung your apron on the chair.

"But there's a lot of―"
It was for Alfred to talk, you had already left the house.

'I shouldn't have do that...!' you thought.

"We are in the forest! How the hell she can buy those?! I didn't even saw a single store around here!" </i>

Alfred finished up cooking his food and also yours. He waited sitting in front of the table, he don't want to eat without you. Alfred doesn't care if his food turned out cold, he just really want to eat dinner with you. But, it was already past eight-ten, you weren't coming home yet. What you said earlier was stuck on his head that you'll be coming home so he had to wait or else if he set off, you both might couldn't find each other.

'__... come home now...! If you don't, I'll pay you back for what you did...!'  

Alfred bowed his head down and waited a little longer but...

"No more! I'm gonna make her home with force!!!" Alfred stood up from the chair and wore his sweater again. He ran out of the house and notices it was raining. Screw the rain, he swore he'll find you. What worried Alfred more was you don't had an umbrella with you and it was night time.

"I hope she's not too far from here..."
He forgot to tell that the gangS he fought on the past were living nearby here. Alfred was worried if you...

"It's too dark... At this rate I can't go home..." You took shelter at the front a garage, hoping the rain will stop and there'll be a kind person to take you home. Cars were just passing by and a... group of young men were walking.

'Maybe I can ask―.... No... Just no...' The men you saw were gangsters. It was bad to encounter one at night time because they can do whatever they want, you could even die a senseless death. Well, that was you heard. You were almost afraid, you looked both sideways and you'd found nowhere to hide. You wanted to call for help to people but you'll only just get their attention but if you call the police, you don't have your phone with you.

"Hey hey, Isn't this (Full name)?" there they were, looking scary.

"Yeah, she is!" they started to have their conversation.

"Aren't we lucky? If we could kidnap  her and have that man pay, we could  be swimming in money!"

"But what I want to see is that man begging in tears!"

"Let me go! Don't touch me!" you snarled.

"Models' skin sure are smooth huh? You know, if you could just behave and tell us the phone number of―" A punch went straight to the man's cheek. Unbelievably, he went flying.

'What the hell... that's monstrous...'

"You guys haven't change huh?!?!"


"Babe, could you go outside for a bit?" You don't have an umbrella with you so he took off his sweater and handed it to you to cover your head from the rain.

"O-okay..." you replied.
Alfred seem pissed.

"Now... What should I do? Do some exercise with 'punching bags' ?" Alfred became a gangster again. "Oh~ Let me finish what I've done one year ago can I? Fuck those police  for interfering"
The gang went for an all-out attack, and attacked Alfred the same time. Like a gangster would do, fight back. He didn't used his fists but instead he just dodged and used his feet. It didn't took long, he took them down.

"Listen up you mother!$&@" Alfred tightly grabbed the gang leader's collar"I can't do much beating up because __ is here but if I see a bruise or any signs that you've hurt her, hide yourselves. I can sentence you to death. Now, scram."

The gang ran away like coward dogs.
I'm so excited to write the last chapter (doesn't end in chapter 20 o_O holy crap, this just surpassed the Kirkland Family o_O)
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