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December 25, 2012
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"Okay, thanks."

Alfred finished his talk with the owner. It supposed to snow soon because it'll be Christmas tomorrow but it'll be better if you two go there early or else snowstorms or snowy-thingies will come to get you both. Alfred still used the new Honda model because his Lamborghini hadn't come back yet and in addition, no clues were did it go and who snatched it! Though Alfred acted like he doesn't care and he was like "I still have lots of cars,Why regret a Lamborghini~?"
The location of the said rented house wasn't too much far from your place, just a few miles. It was located almost in the forest, there was a large lake behind it. Perfect place for newly-weds? Heck yeah it is.

"To be honest, you really know how to pick places huh?" you said.

"I just have a good head." Alfred bragged.

It was totally a nice wooden house. It had a gate, large occupancy, good air and everything! Like a dream house!
Alfred brought out the baggages from the car and carried it all, all the way to the second floor without a help from you.

'Seems like he can buff up that way.' You giggled for a second and followed the American upstairs.

"Phew..." Alfred wiped off his sweats running down to his face. "I can't believe I'm gonna stay on this wooden place. I can't see anything made out of stone or metal except for the kitchen appliances!" Alfred complained.

"Is it your first time renting a house? Of course you can't rent a mansion!"

"Yeah, my first time and another yes, I did rented a mansion. I almost bought it. "

'I shouldn't have asked that...'

Surprisingly, the owner didn't cared if Alfred don't pay the rent but as long as you will clean it. No one ever used this house this past 2 years. You tied up your hair and wore the apron hanging freely on the coat hanger at the corner of your temporary bedroom. You and Alfred started the cleaning. Thank goodness this house only have two floors.

"Could we just call for a cleaner?" Alfred suggested, sweeping the floor.

"No. Even a rich bastard like you should save money at times too."  

"Yes ma'am..."

It seems like Alfred will do nothing but lose massive sweats. You could notice he knew how to do house chores despite Alfred was just a lazy-ass slacking off in his room, do nothing but eat, play computer games or watch tv and sleep.

"You have potential. " You stated.

"Potential to what?"

"To become a butler" you giggled.

"The hell with that! Why would a punk become a butler?!"

"Try to do a short acting." you requested.

"Are you making fun of me?" (-。-;

"Come on, just do it."

He facepalmed first and groaned. "Welcome back, Young Lady." he bowed like a butler always do.

"Haha!!!" you burst out of laughing.  

"What's so funny???"

"Nothing. You just reminded me of a demon butler in a manga I read online."

"Demon butler? Sebastian Michaelis???"

"Huh? You know him?"

"Yeah. Kiku cosplayed him on our school festival. We were selected to be the butlers."

"Oh? Tell me more later!"

You got excited to know about that school festival because it seems interesting so you tried hard to finish cleaning the house. It didn't took long but Alfred took off his shirt which was full of sweats while you were still looking so fresh.

"__... were you a former maid...?"

"Sorry, NO."

Finally, the cleaning was finished. The house can be officially given to Alfred. It became a little hot in the house, you two went to the backyards and sat on the large stones.

"Now start story-telling!!!" you said with anticipation.

"It's boring..."


He couldn't resist that. (-。-;
"Okay fine. Listen up, I'm just gonna tell this once. So where do you want me to start?"


"It was our school festival that time. Each classes were assigned.  All of them should do any kind of entertainment. The boys in our class let Kiku decide what we will do."

"Kiku might be a reliable classmate huh? So, what's that entertainment?"

"He decided for a Host Club with cosplay."

"Host Club?!" 'What is this?! Is he kidding me?! I'm sure Al scared the crap out of the girls...!'

"Yeah. It became the top room in the whole campus so we had won the prize."

"Seriously? What did you guys do?"

"Didn't you ever heard of a Host Club? Hosts entertain people."

"No, I know that but you―"

"I didn't entertained the girls but they seem were the one who want to entertain me."

"How come?"

"Maybe because I dressed up as a butler? With a sugar-coated tongue?"


"I hate it. They were way too clingy."

"Because they are girls."

"You're different from them" he made it sound that he complimented you.

"... If I remember... I visited a school and there was a Host Club too?" you said, unable to remember that old past.

"I know."

"Huh? What did you just said just now?"

"I didn't said a thing. You're hearing things."


"Let's go inside." Alfred proposed.

"Eh...? But I want to stay here. little longer!"

"We still have to cook dinner."

You and Alfred went inside again and prepared the ingredients but more importantly, you were sure he said "I know" when you said you visited a host club.  
I'm sorry if I didn't submitted this chapter yesterday because you know... I went out to go for a movie? :icontheyfoundmeplz:
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