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June 24, 2012
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'Eh...?' you remained silent for a moment. You don't know if you were going to squeal or not.

So you said...

"I miss you too..." 

"I want to see you soon..." he said. 

"Then you should work hard, and quickly go home..." your words made him smile.

"It'll take some time, I'm sure..." 

"But still it'll end right?" 


"I heard Arthur's voice, you should get work now" 

"I'll call you again"

"I'll be waiting!" 
He hung up. 

(In the Photoshoot)

"Talking to __~?" Arthur questioned. 


"Al, look at this" Arthur brought his phone and showed him a photo. 

"What can you say about this~?"

"Wha-?! Since when did you took it?!" Alfred blushed. 

"This morning, of course~" Arthur stuck out his tongue. 

"Give it to me!" Alfred tried to get the phone from Arthur. 

"No way~" Arthur ran while Alfred chased him. 

You on the other hand... Rolling on your bed... 

You also did the same, staring at the American's picture. 'I want to see him soon...' you hugged your pillow.
Then, your phone rung again. This time, a text message from Alfred, it says...

"Am I in heaven or you just look like an angel?" 

'How sweet...'  

You spent your whole time listening to their songs until it's your time to work. 
You were doing the last part of your job, talking with the listeners. 

"Hey DJ __, is it true?" the listener asked. 
"What is it?"
"That you and Tectonik's Alfred Jones are dating?!" She's not angry, just excited. 
"We saw a picture of you and Alfred Jones at Yahoo's news article"
"Yeah, try taking a look later. Bye!" she hung up. 
"T-That's all for it today! Goodnight guys!" you stopped broadcasting. 

'Oh my god...' you facepalmed. 

You went home after that with a slight depression. 'I'm so dead if my parents found that out...' you sighed. 
When you reached the highest floor, you found Alfred sitting in front of your door. (He got home first because the band will have a meeting with the company, which he hates.) 


"Yo!" he looked at you and grinned. He stood up and handed you a bouquet of flower.  

Then, he suddenly hugged you. 

"I really miss you..." 
"You shouldn't be rushing your work just to see me you know?"

"I can't help it... You're always in my mind" he whispered. 

"Geez... There you go again"
"Haha, I'm serious" 
"Anyways, trip to Florida is tomorrow right?"
"Y-Yeah! The others will come home tomorrow, I forgot that Arthur I'd holding the key so... C-Can I stay in your room...?" 
"We don't have any choice right...?"
Awkward silence built up. 
"Let's go in?" he proposed. 

You wondered why he don't just break the doorknob? 

"You know babe, you're weird" 
"Huh? What part of me is weird?"
"Some chicks will refuse to let a guy stay in your room right?"
"Yeah. Sorry young boy but I'm different from them" you smirked. 
"Woah?" he stood up from your bed and locked your bedroom's door. 
Alfred slowly approached to you and pinned you down on your bed?!. 

"Tell me the reason why you're different" 
"W-What are you doing...?!"
"Hey babe, wanna break some 'rule'?" he licked his lips. 
"S-Stop it!"
"Oh~?" he leaned over. 
"I bet you'll enjoy it" 
"I know you'll not do that..." you said, suddenly became serious. 
"Wow, you passed my test!" 
"I thought so!"
"Am I a great actress?" you giggled. 
"Haha, more than 'great'. Can we sleep now? We have to wake up early"

Are you both husband and wife?!?!?! Because look, Alfred's hugging you... You were sleeping with your head on his chest... Sleeping in one bed. 
you can kill me when this series ended :iconblooddeathplz:
and Going to Florida~ Tomorrow!
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