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June 3, 2012
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"Who is that man?" Arthur asked. Francis was about to talk but interrupted by the self-proclaimed awesome man.

"The Awesome King of Prussia!"

"Th-The Kingdom of Prussia?!" Alfred's eyes widened from shock.

"I never knew it existed, so the rumors was true?" said Ivan.

"How rude of you to not know my awesome Kingdom~"

"Leave that aside, what are you doing here in my castle?!"

"I just heard that the princess is missing... Again, I want to help searching for her!"

"And what in hell you can do?" Ian asked bluntly, he crossed his arms and leaned at the wall.

"Don't underestimate me, kiddos. How long do you think I've been living? Searching for people around the world is just a piece of cake for me~" he boasted, it wasn't just boasting, it is the truth.

'He's right... That man was been living for over 2000 years or so...' Francis thought.

The Kingdom of Prussia isn't part of any Empires. Just a powerful Kingdom somewhere located on the map.

"If you're gonna help us, do it! We don't have much time left!" said Alfred

"Yeah yeah, I already sent my people~ so rest assured~ We'll find her right away~" Gilbert talked like this was just a child's play but to your brothers and cousins it was one of a hell serious business.

You on the other hand was staring at the small wooden window, hoping they'll found you out soon. You hugged your legs and trembled in fear, you've done enough of her treats, you can no longer bear them, you really wanted to go home.

'I misjudged her... I thought she's a kind person...'

One day later, Arthur got a good news from Gilbert's people. They found the location where you were hidden, His people wanted to recover you too but they failed, only 2 of his people got survived from Michelle. The two survivors came crawling to Arthur's castle wounded. They were immediately brought to the infirmary inside his castle, Your brothers and cousins headed there to ask them.

"See~? I'm so awesome~"

"Hey, didn't you told us that you sent 100 people to find __?" said Alfred, somewhat suspicious.


"Prince Alfred, there's a skilled swordsman there, I can't believe they took us down" said the man who Gilbert sent.

"Only one person?!" said Allistor.


"Just what the heck is that woman..." said Natalia. "No more, I really want to bring __ back! Brother, I'll dispatch tomorrow, tell the servants to bring my knives"

"But Natalia! It's so dangerous, just give the job to the Prussian!" said Yekaterina worriedly.

"We can't just slack off here!"

"Alright" said Ivan.

"I'll come too" said Arthur.

"You two, be careful" said Francis.

Your other 3 brothers will be on stand-by, same goes to your cousins. They'll just follow them if they didn't come back for a few days since Arthur insisted them not to come.

Natalia and Arthur dispatched early in the morning. Heck, it was just so near, their location were you where hidden is in the forest, near at the Empire's borders but Michelle was a really good hider, being able to hid you underground. Natalia was equipped by knives while Arthur was holding a claymore. The two arrived at the forest, they took 5 hours to go there but it's worth it.

'A broken wooden door... with withered flowers beside it...' Arthur thought, scanning the broad area.

"There" said Natalia, pointing at the ground. Arthur opened the door, bats came out.

"As I expected... A witch..."

There was a staircase down there that leads to a dungeon, they entered it without holding back. They walked deeper and deeper, no obstacles until they saw a cell straight ahead. They ran to the cell but suddenly someone passed by and pointed his sword at them.

"That's far you can go!" said the masked man.

"So this is the man who took down that Prussian's army huh?" said Natalia.

"Leave this to me, Kirkland"


The masked man let Arthur pass because he had no chance against fighting the two together. Arthur ran to the cell as fast as he can, when he reached it, he finally saw you, but being held by Michelle, pointing a knife at your waist.

(Note: The only way to kill immortal princesses is to stab their birthmark on their waist, same as the princes.)

"Wow, that was fast, Kirkland. You already found her? How boring..." said Michelle.


"Move and this will be your goodbye" She threatened.

"Michelle! Let go of __!"

"As if I would do that"

"I'm going to kill you!"

"Go ahead, you filthy whore" Michelle threw you aside. Arthur attacked her right away, Michelle was just fighting by her sharp staff since it's the only weapon used by Witches. Arthur was being pushed back, the long the fight is, the more bruises he gets.

"Just give up and let me kill your precious princess, Kirkland"

"No way in hell" Arthur kicked her.
The masked man was there, When Arthur kicked her, he took the chance to stab Michelle on the back.

"Now you've... done it... I'll kill your family..." Michelle slowly fell on the ground, lots of blood flowed from her back, instead of red, her blood was black.

"You can't do it right? I killed you, you can no longer kill my family" The masked man was Peter. He purposely left 2 survivors in order to let Arthur know where you are.

"Curse you... whores..." was her last words, her body turned no dust.

'End of the Witches' Bloodline...' Arthur thought.

"Arthur!" you ran to him.

"I'm so scared" you trembled again.

"It's okay now, don't be scared, brother is here"  

"Everything is over... right?" Natalia came, she doesn't have any wound because she DIDN'T fought Peter.

"Yeah... Let's go home?" said Arthur. "__" Arthur called, he wanted you to ride his back. Your legs hurt so you didn't have any choice.

"Woah, Did you just gained weight?"

"I'm growing up you know? And Sister Natalia... Thank you..."

"I'm your cousin right?" she patted your head.

You four left the dungeon and went home. You guys separated your ways, You three to the castle while Peter... going back to his family. Your cousins were waiting at the front gate, like that time.

"__! if you gone missing again, I'll gonna punch you a lot of times! Geez, I'm so worried about you, you know that!?!?" Alfred couldn't held back his tears.

"I deserve that" you giggled.
The End~ Ey' guys, Want me to post the lemon for this?
Just say "Oui!" I'll post it :iconpervyfranceplz:
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