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May 31, 2012
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(Francis' POV)
'Bushy brows still didn't answer why he hate Michelle right? This girl is just a normal being, Why that Brit acts like she's a "Witch"?'

I kept asking myself since yesterday at the party, Things gotten so confusing. I'm not a part of the Southern Empire... Why I know their "method"? Did someone told me...? Did someone sealed my memories?

'Damn... Questions again... Flirting with the maids there wouldn't erase those questions right?' I banged my head on the wall and sighed.

(Back to your POV)

You stayed the night at Allistor's castle because the party ended late. Your shirtless brother Allistor was still sleeping, hugging you from the right side while Arthur is on the other side, their faces were like "__ will gonna marry me, Arty" and "She's mine, don't stick your bloody arse to us" . Their arms were so heavy you couldn't get up, Wales and Ireland were sleeping on the floor. You just remembered that they were the persons you slept with last night (Allistor kicked them when they were sleeping), You knew it was your Red headed brother's fault.

"Brother... Wales...!" you called as you tried to push their arms away but apparently failed.

"Stupid brother Wales!!!" you lost your patience.

"Wha-What is it, midget?!" he suddenly woke up and sat up to see you.

"Can you help me here? I can't get up" you were still trying but failing repeatedly.

"They're sleeping like they're dead huh?" Ian woke up too. "Oww... my hips hurt..." Ian groaned.

Ian and Wales helped you but they only managed to remove Arthur's arm.

"Is his arm made of steel?!" Wales complained.

The two shouted at Arthur and Allistor's ears. Arthur got startled.

"What the bloody hell are you two doing?!" Arthur growled.

"Oh shut up, just help us wake Allistor" said Ian. Then, Allistor spoke.

"__... let's sleep more..." he mumbled.
'How cute...' you thought.

"I'll wake him up, brothers can go ahead and eat breakfast"

"Are you sure, midget? Allistor sometimes could wake up late!"

"It's okay, Brother Arthur wakes up late too!"

"No... That's not the problem here..." they mumbled.

"Anyways, just call us. Let's go Iggy!" Wales pulled him out of the room and Ian followed them.

'It's been a while since we got together again...' you sighed happily.
You looked down at your brother, watching him sleep. He's like a baby, sleeping so soundly. You kissed his cheek, it woke him up.

"__~ let's have 30 babies~" he teased.

You smacked his head "What are you saying, brother?!" you stretched his cheeks this time.

"Geez, ya' should just marry me, ya' know?"


"You're right..." he sighed

"What...? Aren't you happy for me?"

"I'm happy for ya'~ who wouldn't?"


"Lies~" They still didn't changed, cheerful men as always.

You and Arthur went back to his "home." You promised them you'll visit them again.

"__, Did that bastard done something to you?"

You placed your hand on his and answered him "Nothing" and smiled.  
As soon as you both reached the castle, a butler informed you that you received a gift from an anonymous person.  You opened it at his room and revealed a gruesome thing.

"Don't look __!" Arthur covered your eyes and took you away from the box.

"What is that...?" you started to cry. This gruesome thing was a rotting kitten head and there was also a note beside it, It says: "Welcome back, Princess" it was written by blood.

'Who would done a thing?!' Arthur thought angrily. You spun around and buried your crying face on his chest.

"Why...?" you dug your nails on his back.

"It will be okay, I promise...I'll protect you..."
My fever is goneeee!!! Wohooo!
Back to work :typerhappy:

Sugi! > [link]
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"__, Did that bastard done something to you?"
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