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May 30, 2012
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Today you are going to visit your other 3 brothers. Oh, in case you want to know why Arthur was in a separated castle from them, The answer is simple, they won't get along even you beat the crap out of them unless their little sister begged for them.

You didn't expected that your brothers would throw a party for you, the Royalties from different "directions" came to see you AGAIN.  
They said "WELCOME BACK!" altogether. All of them were your cousins, and you're the youngest among them.

"__~! I'm so happy too see you again~!" Ivan hugged you tightly
"Now, will you become one with me, da~?" he said with his usual smile.

"Brother... I thought you're going to marry me..." Natalia's voice scared him "I don't recall accepting your marriage contract!" Ivan ran while Natalia chased him. Arthur told you that he'll talk with Francis for a serious business.

"Dude! I miss ya'!" Alfred greeted you with a punch. However, it didn't worked, you caught his fist and flipped him down, you're the only one who can handle his punches.

"H-hello there, __"

"Who are you...?"

"It's Canada..."

"Who's Canada?"

"Matthew, okay?"


"That makes me happy __! you remember me!"

"Uh... Who's Matthew...?" you asked again, curious. He slowly flew away like a feetless ghost.

"Really dude? You don't remember Matt?"

"No, is he your relative or something?"

"He's my little brother, come on! Let me punch you so you can remember him again"

"Oh! I remember now! He's the guy with a polar bear right?! If I remember... Its name is Kumajirou right?!"

"What the heck? You remember the pet's name but you don't have a slightest clue who's the owner?!"

"I know him NOW!"

"Too late, babe. Matt is sulking there, look" Matthew was really sulking and kept strangling his polar bear while asking why you only remember it instead of him, the young boy who you always play with.

(Arthur's POV)

"Where is she?" I asked shit beard.

"I bought a sleeping potion from a traveling merchant, I used it on her and why you hate Michelle being around?"

"Nothing in particular..." I gritted my teeth and looked away.

"Hey Anglettere, can you explain?"

"Explain what?"

"__ was still a young girl when that incident happened right? Why her memories were being erased and how come it suddenly came back when we did that "method"?"

"I sensed Mother's presence, it had the same feeling when she tried to erase that red haired bastard's memories"

"What? King Allistor's memories? What was your Mother thinking?"

"Well... I wanted the  twat to stop smoking-"

"Mon dieu! You're concerned?!"

"His bloody cigarettes are annoying! __ sometimes could smell it! It's bad for her health!"

"Forget about that, continue with the explanation" Francis said.

"It's your fault you know? I don't know why her memories suddenly came back. It's like a lock, when you inserted a key, it would open"

"Wait, did you just say "lock"?"

"Are you deaf? Yes, I did" I leaned at the wall and crossed my arms.

"Tell me, whose dagger you lent to me that time"

"From my Mother, have problem with it?"

(Back to your POV)

Francis didn't responded. 'Lock... Key... __... The silver dagger of the Queen...' he analyzed those words 'Bushy brows said it's like a lock... __ is the lock... The dagger is the key...' he thought.

"Hey, what are you thinking? Are you listening to me?"

"Oh sorry, What is it again?"

"I said, keep your bloody sister away from __!!!"

"Oh alright."
Arthur left and went back to you.

(Francis' POV)

'How strange... I only know how to determine if she's a princess, a country or not...  Why I know that "method"...? Why I told Arthur that I can save __? Why I know what to do in order to bring her memories back...? And why I stabbed her that time...?' My head aches, don't know what to answer those questions.
IT WON'T GO AWAY... Y!?:icony-u-noplz:

Next!> [link]
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I'll become one with you IVAN Love And Hugs 
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At first when I first watched the show I had no clue who Canada was... = w=;; I'm sorry Matt!!
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OMG! I laughed so hard at the part when I said I remembered the polar bear's name, but I did not remember Matthew! Still laughing now! Also could you make more of the series? I love it! Also the picture you posted about why the fever won't go away is also funny!
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