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"Take her away!" said the Queen, ordering the maid.

"Yes your Highness!" she ran away from the castle being devoured by hell fire.

'I must keep her safe!' the maid swore to herself.

The castle was set to fire, there were no clues who did it, the 11th Royal Family of the South never had an opponent to begin with, probably the townspeople? No, the Royal Family is nice, probably another Royal Family who had a grudge against them? The maid didn't expected that an arrow from a bow will pierce her, going through her chest. She ran fast as she can to the town and coincidentally saw a cleaning barmaid, she begged at the barmaid to take care of the child she was holding until she took her last breath.

All of it was a dream, you've been seeing that dream over and over again.

'That dream again...' you thought as you opened your eyes.

"__ , are you okay? You're sweating a lot, it's not hot right? it's winter this month though" said Arthur with a concern voice.

"Just have a... bad dream"

"Want to talk about it?"

"No it's okay, it's kind of childish"

"Well... Why don't you tell me, and let me decide if it's childish or not?" he smiled and took a seat beside you.

"I... I just saw a burning house, no... A castle, lots of servants were burnt alive" you sounded like you wanted to cry, just seeing the images of the servants.

"...How horrible," he mumbled.

"I know... I don't know where I got those memories..."

"You're just exhausted, you need to rest more." He gently patted your head.

"Yes, maybe..."

You got up from bed and ate breakfast with Arthur, it was kind if embarrassing though, eating with a "Prince"

"Oh __, why don't you take a walk outside? The snow outside is pretty you know?"

"Sure, I'll do that later. Thank you."

After finishing your breakfast, Arthur ordered Mary to get a dress for you since you only have clothes for work. You and Mary went to a room upstairs, you can see nothing there but  3 giant closets. She opened one of them, revealing a lot of beautiful dresses hung on the hangers.

"Wow... Who created all of this?"

"Someone told me... She told me it was the previous Queen, it supposed to be given to her child but her child went missing so before her Majesty died... The dresses were just placed here."

"Went missing? Is the child haven't found yet?"

"Not a single trace,"

She picked a pink and white coat for you, it fits you well, "fitting" your gentle and kind attitude. You went outside after that, The snow was really pretty as Arthur said.

A memory popped in your mind again, Now is a snowy day where you were being held by an anonymous woman, she was pretty and somewhat looked like you.

'Just what on Earth is happening to me... What are these memories...' you thought as you held your head.

"Does your head aches, miss?" a man came.

"Who are you...?" you asked

"The 11th Prince of the West, Alfred F. Jones" he introduced himself formally with a bow, he has a blond hair with a slight cowlick, blue eyes, wore glasses and wore black coat.

'Another Prince?!' "It's a pleasure to meet you, Prince-"

"Simply Al is fine~" he walked towards you and stared at you for a moment.

'This chick sure is familiar huh...?' he thought.

"Is there something on my face?"

"Oh nothing! Hey, is your name is... _____?"

"Eh...? How did you know?"

'That is just coincidence right?' he thought helplessly "Haha~ I can guess their names!" he boasted, he was lying, of course.

"Really? Teach me how to do it too!" your eyes sparkled in anticipation.

"I have to leave now, babe. I just came here to annoy-... greet bushy brows! Don't worry I'll drop by again" he patted your head and bid a goodbye.

'Princes sure are weird persons huh?' you got bored standing in one area so you decided to walk around at the giant garden.

While walking in the garden, you spotted Arthur in a big gazebo and talking with a man.  

(Arthur's POV)
"I really have a feeling..." I said as I looked at the tea.  

"Maybe you're just mistaking her?" said the frog, who's smoking in front of me. "According to a theory, a single person can have 7 look a likes,"

"But why is it so hard to make her leave? Like someone is stopping me"

"A ghost?" the other man giggled, "Why don't you ask her a few things?"

"I'll try that"

"Tell me what she will say, I might found a clue"

I didn't notice that _____ came, to be honest... She was incredibly stunning with that clothes.

(Back to your POV)

"H-Hello there..." you greeted them, slightly smiling

"Bonjour, mon cher~"

"How's your walk?" Arthur asked

"Good, I met a person earlier"

"It's Alfred right?" said Arthur


A butler came running to Arthur.

"Your Highness, King Allistor arrived" he said

"Why now? Really that bastard... _____, I'll leave you this shit, order him whatever you want" Arthur left with the butler

"Order? Are you his underling or what?" you chuckled. Not knowing you were talking to the man casually.

"He just loves to order me around but it doesn't make me his underling!" he grinned

"Well, please don't expect that I'll order you"

"I know you'll not do that"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Oh nevermind! The name's Francis, The 11th King of the North" he took out your hand and kissed it

'Now a King?!'

"Hey, your name is __ right?"


"__, can we go inside? It's so cold here, I'm going to freeze to death and I want to tell you something"

"Oh okay" you two ran inside the castle. You both went to the hallways at the second floor, walking there while looking at the portraits.

"Hey __, want me to tell you what incident happened 16 years ago?" You thought if you could get to know the history behind this Kingdom, it would make Prince Arthur happy.

"Please do."

"16 years ago the castle on the South was burnt down, no one knows who did it. The previous Queen gave birth to a child that time. If I remember... I know she ordered a servant to bring the child away from the castle... well... That's it. The child went missing"

"Why are you telling me these things?"

"Bushy brows just told me about your dream, this might be the answer why you're having those kind of dream"

"Thanks for your concern, King Francis..." 'Why Arthur told him about it?'

"__, do you know when is your birthday?" he asked for the last time

"(Insert your birthday here), the landlady told me."

"I see, thanks! I gotta leave now. I still have to arrange the ball for next week! Make sure to come okay?" He said with a bright grin, but it faded after he turned his back. Without saying a second thing, King Francis left with a frown.
Francis is not a perv in this story okay? XDD :iconyayfranceplz:
Oh and same here, I wrote this with my iPod again so... tell me if there's some missing words XDD

Sugi! >> [link]
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- Watch your tenses (had vs had, etc)
- Don't use uneccessary words (an another)
- You use a lot of run-on sentences. Divide them up. They don't make any sense strung together like that.
- Watch word forms (concerned voice vs concern voice)
And finally, you do have to have punctuation on dialouge, so make sure in the future you fix things like that.

I don't mean to rag on you, but I think this could be an awesome story, and the bad grammar kinda ruins it. :) No offense.
0xWhaii Featured By Owner May 25, 2012  Student Writer
I'm so sorry =.=
but thanks :)
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