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March 24, 2012
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'She's too beautiful for being a rebel huh?' said the albino to himself, he run his hand on your soft (h/c) hair and kiss your cheek, He leaned closer and abuse your neck

           You slowly opened your eyes and your eyes widened from what's happening

              'Who is this guy!?' you wondered

        "W-what are you doing!!??" you growled

             "What do you think...?" the albino smirked

           You just realize that you're handcuffed but why in bed...!?

                 "Get this thing off!!" you cried

        "No way..." he muttered, he run his hand on your thigh and caress your thigh

             "Don't touch me!!!!!!!!"

          "You're so loud..." he bring out a gun and point it on your temple, you got scared so you shut up

             He start to remove his military jacket and his shirt underneath, you closed your eyes tightly

                He leaned forward and plant a few kisses, tears came out on your eyes.

      Then someone kicked the door open, It was the blond guy you saw

           "Learn to knock, West..." said the albino

                "What are you doing!? we're in the middle of war!" the blond growled

             "Can't help it..."

                 "Let's go..." said the blond

           "Alright..." The albino stood up from the bed and toss his military jacket on his shoulder

                 "Gilbert Beilschimdt, remember that awesome name, madel(girl)..." then he left, the blond approached to you and break the handcuffs by his own barehands

          "Sorry for his rudeness..."

              "I've never heard of a Nazist apologizing to someone...?" you said

           "Don't lump me with them would you?"

                 "All of you are the same, and thank you by the way..."

             "If i were you i wouldn't try to escape here"

                "Why not...?" you asked

           "It's not like i'm concerned...but they'll kill you without hesitation, even though you're a woman, It's better to stick with me..." said the blond, blushing a bit

                 "Do you know who am i?" you asked
             "You're a rebel, right?"

        You gasped "How did you know?" you asked

                  "By how you dress..."

             "How come you're not killing me?" you asked

                  "I don't hurt women..."

             "Even though i'm against at Nazism...?"


                 "I want you to disguise for now..."  said the blond

        "Your name?" you asked

           "Ludwig, Ludwig Beilschmidt"

                  "So, how can i do that?"

               "I'll lend you our uniform" he said

          "They can see through my disguise, i don't think it's a good idea..." you said

                 "Trust me" said Ludwig, he left for a minute and came back with a uniform in hand


               "Why do you have this? I mean the skirt, the boots and the stockings...? are you a crossdresser?" you asked

        "N-no, it's from the general's woman"

            "General? you mean the weird mustache man...?"

         "Y-yeah, Wait...How did you know?" he asked

              "I'm the one who killed him, Ludwig... and you don't care right?" you asked

         "W-what!? I never knew that you kill people..."

             "Of course you do! we just met today!"

          "No, that's not what i mean..."

              "So, what...?"

         "What i mean is, you look too innocent to kill"

              "Is my look that deceiving...?" you questioned

           "Anyways, get change now, we'll stilll find a way out without them knowing"

        "Okay, and get the hell out of here"

              "You don't talk like a lady, huh?"

          "Whatever, now... leave"

(After changing)

     'It's so tight... i can't breath properly' you sighed, so you unbutton 2 buttons, slightly revealing your chest

         "Woman, you done changing?" Ludwig asked


         "I'm going to open the door" he said, when he opened the door, he look so stunned and his face is kinda' red

       "Ludwig? something wrong? did i wear something in a wrong way?" you asked then stepped forward

           "N-no, nothing..." he muttered

    "So, Do you have fever?"

         "Nothing, it's just like... uh... you know, you look beautiful on those"

             "Let's go!" you said then grab his necktie and drag him outside by his necktie

         "Hey Lud, can i remove this stupid armband? It make me feel betraying my country" you said

               "Let go of my necktie can you?"

         "Oh sorry"

            "You can't remove that, all of the soldiers here wears that"

               "But i'm not a soldier...?"

           "Yes you are"


            Ludwig suddenly pushed you on the wall, crushing you by his toned chest


              "Pretend to be my woman now..." he whispered on your ear

        "Alright al-" Ludwig suddenly kisses you

              "What was that for!?"

           "Let's go, the meeting's starting" he ignored you. He grabbed your hand and drag you at the meeting room

                  "Sorry we're late" said Ludwig

          "Oh, look who's here" said Gilbert, standing up from the seat and approach to you

               "W-what do you want?" you asked

           "You look hot" he said, and grab your hand, he take his seat again and made you sit above him

               "Wha-!?" you gasped

          "I'm taking commands this time" said Ludwig

                "Where is the General?" one of the officers asked

              "He got killed" Ludwig said

       "What will we do now? The Italian Mafia's forces is increasing every hour and i heard that the Chinese Mafia will join them"

             "Just shut up and let me think the plan" he take his seat and place his feet on the desk

          "Hey madel, i'm afraid i didn't still asked your name" Gilbert muttered


                 "___?... Suits you well"

             "Should i thank you for that?"

                  "Anyways, did West do inappopriate to you?" he asked

           "Wow, look who's talking" you said

               "Well... Sorry for that, i got carried away" he said

            "You think that i'll forgive you?"

                "Yeah, you have a crush on me right?" he smirked

          "Like hell i do, idiot"

                "Stop lying~ you're stalking me earlier with your sniper right?"

         You blushed like a tomato "I'm not stalking you, Just happened that i saw you... Before that, how did you know? i mean that i'm using a sniper?" you asked

              "You're on the rooftop right? West told me that someone aiming at us, so i take a quick glance to make sure"

              "And you don't care what happened to your General?" you asked

                   "Yeah, Do you remember that he talked to us that time?"

            "Yea', what about it?"

                 "I used that time for you to kill him"

                "Why you hate him that much? even Ludwig..."

            "We also want to stop this stupid Nazism" he whispered

                  "So, why did you join?"

             "We're here to kill him"

                 "Sorry but i killed him first" you chuckled

             "Thank you for killing him for us, ___..." he whispered again and kissed your cheek

           "Who the hell told you to kiss me, huh!?" you growled

              "That's all for the meeting" said Ludwig

                     "Let's go __" said Gilbert

             "To where...?" you asked

                 "Now that West takes command, Now's the time to kill them"  
This is just an Anime fan fiction, No fascism intended
I suggest you to read this first before leaving harsh comments

Pt 1: [link]
Pt 3: [link]
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