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May 18, 2012
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(Name) really loves to read books since she was little, she hated them once because she thought it sucks but she was influenced by her childhood friend, he also loves to read books, his name is Ludwig. When she was a middle schooler she was only a normal bookworm but now... She became an intense reader and it was not Ludwig's fault that she became like that, he just told her how awesome the books are.

(Name) was at the library, doing her usual hobby, reading books

'He left me because he loves her more than me... She don't love you... Why you don't understand?!'

Due to her intense reading of romance novels, her memory was replaced by fake memories, the novel she was reading affected her mind, she thought the scene that was happening in the novel, it happens at reality and thought she's the main female protagonist. The novel drove her insane.

She have a lot of friends before but ever since she became an insane reader her friends left her because they thought she's crazy and  it came to the point that Ludwig is the only one left. Ludwig knew her current condition but there's nothing he can do about it, he just let her do and think whatever she wants.

He was searching for (Name,) his classmate said she was in the library , he headed there and he saw her hugging her legs, crying. He knew what she's thinking.

"(Name)..." he slowly approached to her. Ludwig looked so sad, seeing her in that condition.

"leave me alone!" she cried and marched out, leaving Ludwig behind.

Gossips about her spread in the whole campus like: "why would they let a crazy woman like her stay her in this school?" or "Why don't they send her to a mental hospital?" Ludwig don't want to do that because he don't want to get separated from her.

He decided to check the romance novel she's reading. Its plot was a man who had a best-friend, according to (Name) it was her and Ludwig was the man but he fell in love with a woman who was a two timer. In the novel and her "reality" (Name) loves Ludwig but he was unaware of it and in the true reality, Ludwig was the same too, he loves her but she was unaware of it. (Name) planned to confess to him once but the Romance novel got in the way. Ludwig suddenly got an idea on how to lessen her insanity.

He quickly followed her outside of the campus, he saw (Name) heading home. Ludwig ran to her and hugged her from behind.

"(Name) After all... I love you more than her..."

"Huh? What are you saying? Didn't you tell me that you and that bitch are going to get married?" she tried to hold back her tears but she failed.

"No... I really love you so please forget about it..."

"It's not that easy!"

"So I'll make you forget" He spun her around and kissed her, (Name) pushed him gently and placed her palms on Ludwig's cheeks.

"Okay, that's enough...I love you too Ludwig..."

His idea was to play the main male protagonist to stop (Name)'s emotion, at least it's all he can do. After that, Ludwig asked (Name) to stop reading books for now and bring her to a hospital, Gladly, she didn't refused.
A request from :iconwordlefan: XDD
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mbkwg2000 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool story bro!
EeveeIshAwesome Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
This happened to me once but, some what different... I thought I was Maka from soul eater, I even wore her clothes to school for awhile... My friend (Censored fo' you peoples) finally snapped me out of it when he introduced me to Sword Art Online XD

I was such an idiot... :iconemocornerplz:
mystery942 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eh it was ok
Aurapunch Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow. How stupid can I get? Anyways, it was oretty funny, so for that, I'm giving you a...
Hinatathebloom1 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
I'd think I was an anime character and do something stupid ^^;
Arletix Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
wow... so he was acting? what the... xD
it got me so confused xD
Shiro-Sampaguita Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How sweet~
Orion-Pax-117 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
crazy-aika Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
im afraid of me with this one... oh germany, sorry for the troubles x3u
heaven-is-lonely Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Germany is a good actor...XD
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