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May 24, 2012
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"A love potion huh...? Do you know how to make it, Kiku?" you asked

You and your classmate, Kiku Honda were in the library, searching for a certain person.

"I don't know but I know a book, it has the instructions"

"Give it to me"

He left you for a sec and came back, pulling a thick and gigantic book.


"Don't get the wrong idea, __-san, I bet you're thinking that the whole book is the instructions for the potion, don't you?"

"You know I'm so lazy to read books right?"

"Good thing, I memorized the contents..."

"All of them?!"


"You've got to be kidding me!"

"So, the instructions were on page 666. Oh, by the way, you can also see a summoning spells here, tell Arthur-san and the other members of Magic club"

"T-thanks... Oof!" he handed you the book

"Good luck~!" he left without looking back

You four were the only students who can use magic but you were different, you can't cast spells but you can do alchemy. You had a crush  on the club president, Arthur Kirkland so you were planning to use a love potion. You headed to the club room to study the transmutation circles.

"It's not hard than I thought huh...?"

"What are you looking, ___?" Lukas popped out from nowhere

"N-Nor?!" you immediately closed the book "What are you doing here?" you asked

"I'm looking for my wand but I couldn't find it..." he facepalmed as he stared at his troll and sounding like it was its fault.

"Why don't you ask Romania for help? He has a good nose isn't he?" you suggested

"Where is he?"

"On the yard, testing out his new spells"

"I see and back to my question. what are you reading?"

'He's so stubborn!' you thought

"N-nothing! I'm just studying..."

"Studying? Like hell you can fool me, since when you got interested on studying?"

His familiar flipped the pages, revealing what you're reading.

"Oh...? Look what we have here~ __ is "studying" a love potion Eh...?" he smirked

"That's it! I'm leaving!" You blushed while leaving and went home.

'I bet she's gonna use it on Prez.' Lukas thought

You continued to study the instructions,  ignoring the school studies. You brought out a chalk from your pocket and drew a transmutation circle. You need a flask, water and your own blood.

You placed the flask on the center and cut your own finger by the dagger and dropped a small amount on it.
You crouched down and placed both of your palms on the floor

'Let's do a remote alchemy, I might lose my hands if I do it inside the circle right?' an unexpected intelligence...

Lightnings came out as you started, it took a few minutes but it came out good.

"Success~" you grinned evilly. You contacted Kiku after that, he said he will help you with it.

(Next Day in school)

"Even a single drop will work right?"  said Kiku


You two were hiding at the stone pillars, following Arthur everywhere.

'Just when will he do his goddamn tea time?!' you thought irritatedly and accidentally broke the stone pillar because of the transmutation circle tattoo drawn in your palms.

"What are you doing __-san?! You almost killed me!"

"My bad..."

"What are you doing you two?" Arthur suddenly came with a suspicious look

"I see, you're trying alchemy on the pillars huh? Tell me what kind of alchemy it is" he grinned

"Well... Angry stone alchemy...?" you grabbed Kiku by his collar and ran fast

'Angry stone... Alchemy? What the hell is that?' Arthur wondered '__ sure is weird huh?'  he went to the student council president office to drink his tea. You two followed him again, you saw Francis passed by on the office.

"Hey Francis!" you whispered, loud enough being heard by him

"What is it mon cher?"

"Can you do a favor for us?" Kiku asked

"Sure? What is it?"

Kiku brought out a Japanese green tea in a cup. "Can you give this to Arthur-san?"

"To Angleterre...? I don't want to but since its from ma chere, alright~" he opened the door, you both peeked to see what's happening.

"What's that, shit beard?"

"Can't you tell? A Japanese green tea..."

"From Honda? Thanks..." he took the cup and drank it. It has the potion in it, of course. Arthur stood up from the chair, acting strangely.
He opened the door and saw you two peeking.

"__, I want to talk to you" he grabbed your hand and dragged you to the club room.

'It worked...?' Kiku thought

He locked the door and dragged you on a corner.



"The tea earlier... It has some potion in it right?"

"How did you know...?!" you blushed

"A love potion I guess...? It tastes like your blood" he whispered as he leaned over.

"Did it worked on you...?" you asked

"Of course not... I'm the strongest magician in the world, no one can control me~" his hot breath gave you chills down to your spine

"So what's your purpose for bringing me here?"

"Just wanted to say I love you~"

"So the potion did worked?"

"You're so stubborn huh? I already liked you when you joined this club okay?"
Really? Iggy? Really? :icono-rlyplz:
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