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2 days after the war, you still can't stand up by yourself due to your injuries, you've been lying on the bed since the war ended. Arthur is in charge of taking care of you and the children like to help you in little ways, fetching water, on bad days helping to feed you.

"Good morning, love" Arthur opened the windows, his smile is brighter than the sun.

"Haa~ Good mornin'" you yawned as you sat up.

"Mama! Good moooorning!" Matthew cried, he jumped to the bed to hug you.

"Why so happy, Matt?" seeing your child happy made your whole day.

"Papa will take us to Hawaii tomorrow!" he said cheerfully

"Really Arthur?"

"I promised it didn't I? ___, can you stand up now?" he asked, you looked at your feet and started to wriggle your toes. You winced as scabs pulled tight. But three toes on your left foot wouldn't move at all.

"I guess not"

"Let me help you" Arthur held you while Matthew attempted to support your leg. When you reached the living room, you saw Alfred lying on the couch with a bottle of milk in his mouth and watching a DVD that Italy lent him on the other day.

"What are you watching?" you asked as you sat next to his feet. He passed you the DVD case, He was watching Barney.

♫ I love you
You love me
Were a happy family
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Wont you say you love me too ♫

Alfred started to sing along too, Matthew sat beside you and sang with Alfred

♫ I love you
We are friends like friends should be with a great big hug and
A kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too ♫

After the song ended, Your children kissed you on the cheeks.

"Mama, Will you kiss Papa too?" said Matthew, looking so innocent. You became uneasy, don't know what to do, before you could take the first move, Arthur gave you a quick, shy kiss on the lips. You turned, and caught a brief glimpse of his bright red face. You smiled to yourself, he looked so cute! . Alfred took the DVD from the DVD player and turned it on to the TV channels, He kept channel-surfing until he saw a horror commercial.

"Mama! Let's watch it!" said Alfred

"But can you handle horror movies?"

"Of course I am!"

"Let's watch it Mama! Please?" Matthew begged

"But I still can't walk" you said as they pouted.

"I think I know how you can walk ___" Arthur said to you. He turned and walked into the spacious kitchen. He came back with an Ice-pack in his hand, and a wicked grin on his face. Matthew and Alfred had been distracting you, chatting about the horror movie coming up. Arthur came up to your feet and his smile spread. He ran his long, slender fingers along the soles of your feet. You squealed and almost jumped out of your seat,

"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!?" you screeched. He threw back his head and roared with laughter. He sat down next to you and placed your feet on his lap.

"Here," he said as he placed the now slightly melted ice-packs on your feet. You winced at the cold, and bit your bottom lip. After a few minutes, your feet went numb.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, as Matthew and Alfred looked on with dumbfounded expressions..

"It feels like there is a stone on top of my feet" you giggled

"So it's working, yes?"


Arthur removed the ice pack, held your hands and helped you to standd up. The pain came back again but it faded away instantly. He let go of you for a sec but when you started to fall he caught you just in time.

"A-Are you okay?" he questioned with a worried look on his eyes.

"Y-Yeah" you pushed him away and tried to stand up again. Finally, you succeeded.

"Oh...? Thank you Arthur!" you hugged him

You and your family ate breakfast afterwards, You took a shower too with your children. Again... Arthur thought... "I'm jealous". He was wearing a suit vest that made him manlier, Alfred want to wear a hoodie so you let him, Matthew also wanted to wear hoodie but with bunny ears and a bunny tail on the back. Arthur drove you to a cinema where Alfred and Matthew want to watch, a movie called 'Haunted Mansion'

"Waa~ I'm so excited!" Alfred's excitement gave him chills while Matthew was a little bit nervous.

Arthur paid the tickets and brought popcorn. Alfred wants to sit close to the front, 5 seats before the screen. You arrived exactly on time, the movie was about to start, creepy sound effects were making your feet tremble. Matthew sat on your lap while Alfred was on Arthur's.

A mansion was built 3000 years ago, It was built by a greedy couple. Due to their greediness, The villagers want them to leave. The couple were always scamming and kidnapping children for them to sell. The villagers could no longer control their hatred, One night, they set the mansion on fire as well as the couple inside it.

Their soul can't rest, they guard the mansion for eternity and every person alive who steps foot in the ashy ruins of the mansion is killed...

A group of girls went to the mansion, they knewthe rumour and they don't believe it. The girls won't leave the mansion until they get the pictures of the couple.

Just hearing the narrator's deep voice was giving you chills. You didn't think much would scare you after your time in Gilbert's graveyard, but this was just downright spooky. While the plot was a little cliché, it was pulled off so convincingly that you almost expected the couple to appear. The actual movie was starting...

"I don't think there's a ghost here, just a pathetic joke..." said the girl with a black hair

"So, what's the point of coming here?"

"Yeah, she's ri-" the door suddenly closed.

Matthew jumped in fear. "Matt? Are you scared?" you asked as you wrapped your arms around his little body.

"Y-Yes..." his body was shaking. Alfred and Arthur were too focused on the movie, Like father like son...

The girls head upstairs, some parts of the stairs were broken or starting to rot. The girls got irritated because of the smell it stinks like a rotting corpse. One of the girls pictured every suspicious thing in the mansion, They bravely entered every room but still no ghosts. Then, suddenly the lights go out, when the lights were back, One girl dissapeared. They didn't notice that the girl dissappeared, they just continue roaming around of the mansion.

One by one, they dissapeared. It came to the point that there was only one girl left, She was scared when she found out that she's the only one left. She ran to the entrance but the door won't open. Then, she felt that someone touch her shoulder but when she turned around there was nothing.

Her fear made her ran to the kitchen. She opened the kitchen's door and a corpse fell infront of her.

The corpse's face made you jump in fear too.  Did Matthew inherit cowardly behaviour from you?

"Just hang on a bit, love" Arthur said and kissed you on the forehead.

TThe longer the movie went on, the greater chance you had of faintng. You quickly blocked out images of swooning in Arthur's arms. Matthew fell asleep. A short part of the movie made Alfred yell in horror.

"Papa! Let's go home!" Alfred suddenly requested

"A-Alright..." he sighed, Arthur was like "What the hell? I still want to watch"

Next, your family were going to go shopping to buy what you guys will need for the vacation tomorrow in Hawaii! You split up with Arthur, he's with Alfred and you're with Matthew. You and Matthew head to a store where they only sell for vacations. First, you brought a bikini for yourself and trunks for Matthew. You also brought lotions and sunblocks.

After buying a few things, You and Matthew ate at a restaurant.

"Is my baby excited~?" you grinned

"Yersh!" he babbled, he was too busy eating chicken. The gravy spread around his mouth, you took out a tissue and wiped them.

"Mama" he called


"Can we bring Luddie and Roma along?" he asked

"Eh...? Why?"

"I want to play with them too! It would be boring if Alfie is the only person i can play with!"

"Alright, I'll talk to Gilbert later" When Matthew is requesting, you can't help but to sigh in defeat. While Alfred might want to be a hero, Matthew was the one with the irresistible superpower, cuteness...

After a while, Arthur called you on the phone. He wanted you to meet him on the third floor because Alfred wanted to play basketball(for kids) with Matt. Arthur already brought their things for tomorrow's vacation.

"Matt wants to bring Ludwig and Romano tomorrow..." you said as you sat on the bench with Arthur.

"Sure, why not?"

"Why not? If we bring Ludwig and Romano, the moron trio will be there right?"

"Fine by me, As long as I can spend time with you"
Listenin' to: Lazy Song~ It suits my lazy life!
Trip to Hawaii tomorrow!

(I do NOT own the picture)
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