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April 22, 2012
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"Why Isn't Mama here yet...?" Matthew sobbed, waiting eagerly for you to come. Today, you and Arthur weren't home. A large part of Russia was rebelling. As a part of the Allied Forces, you two got involved. The allies and their bosses told you that you were not only to stop the rebelling, but to conquer the whole of Russia, a seemingly impossible feat.

"Where's the reinforcements!? We're running out of soldiers!!!" Arthur cried, hiding behind of the sandbags.

"Damn that rebels..." you cursed, shooting every rebel you spotted.

"Ambushing our Headquarters Even France isn't that stupid. This is a move only someone very confident or a complete novice would make." Francis gritted his teeth

In your current location was difficult for you to launch an attack, or even defend yourselves properly. , The batallion of rebels firing a never ending rain of bullets, All you can do is hide. They even bombed the second Headquarters, lots of soldiers died there. Before the Russian reinforments come, a grenade was thrown between you and Arthur, It knocked you unconcious your slim body couldn't handle the strong impact of the bomb, Yes, you didn't die but scars on your body spread. Your left eye was damaged and Arthur's right arm was damaged, Arthur was still conscious, Tears came out in his eyes, seeing you hurt made his heart shatter into pieces.

"France!! We're retreating!!" Arthur cried in anger, he tossed your arm on his shoulder and brought you to the medical team.

"Lord Kirkland!" their eyes widened from what they saw, they immediately brought out the stretcher and laid you there. Arthur refused to lay down it, He insisted it was more important the field medics saw to your wounds first, nobody argued, despite the severity of his injuries, they all saw the loving way in which he looked at you, almost reverently, that in his eyes, you were far, far more important than he.

"Tell the vodka-freak that'll retreat" he panted heavily

"Let us treat your wounds, Lord Kirkland" they proposed, Arthur collapsed too. His condition caused them to panic.

When you awoke, you found Arthur in a bloodied uniform gazing down at you, worry in his eyes. You began to sit up but he gently pushed you down again.

"you should…take it slowly ­­­___" he said. You noticed a hint of concern in his voice.

"why? I'm a little dizzy, but other than that, I feel fine!" you said as you began to sit up again

"____, stop! You've been out for three days!"

"WHAT!?!?!" you cried

"Shhhh! I'm not meant to be here! The doctor said you have to be left alone for a few days, in case the war had any after effects on your country!"

"Rubbish. What happened while I was out?" you said trying to slip your feet into your combat boots and failing miserably.

"We have forced most of the Russians into surrender, there are still groups fighting our control, but we shall have complete dominance soon."

"How did you do it? The Russians… seemed unstoppable… so strong…"

"Matthew had an idea. Unlike his idiot brother, it seems he has a brain and is quite capable of using it. We took a hostage,"

'Who on earth could be that important?' You wondered. You voiced your opinion to England, and were surprised at the smirk that spread over his face.

"The Vodka. What else?"

You couldn't help it. You burst out laughing.

Soon, the war ended. Of course, the Allies won. After the war, you and Arthur were brought to the nearest hospital. Hungary, taking care of Matthew and Alfred was informed that the war ended and told where you and Arthur were. They rushed to the hospital and ran into your room.

Alfred and Matthew cried when they saw you and Arthur lying on the hospital beds.

"Papa, who did that to you...!? I'll crush that person!" Alfred's tears finally came out.

"Don't cry Al, a hero never cries" Arthur smiled at him and wiped his tears.

"Mama, are you okay?" Matthew cried again, seeing you with a bandage around your left eye made his feeling uneasy, he didn't know if he should hug you or not.

"Yes, I'm fine" You also wiped his tears.

"You British git! Why did you drag ___ into this mess?! Look at her!" Hungary yelled

"Don't say that Liza... I'm the one who insisted on going to war with him" you gave her a small smile.

"If you're going to a war, you should just say so, I'll replace you" her look was so worried

"You're an Axis, Liza... I can't do that"

Hungary, Matthew and Alfred stayed with you for a whole day, Just being with your family can make you forget the hardships on war, making you forget how many people you killed and most of all, making you forget the fact of being a country but loved as an individual.

The doctor said you and Arthur can go home by tomorrow, The Bad Touch Trio drove you and Arthur home.

In Arthur's house...

"I think a devil is whispering at me that I must kill ___'s boss" said Prussia, he helped you to rest at the bedroom.

"Seriously? Don't let the devil order you around, Go ahead and kill her boss without hesitation" said Spain, wanted to chop your boss up into tiny pieces with his axe.

"If you're gonna ask me what should i do with her bo-" France was cut off

"I know you want to rape him" said Spain and Prussia at the same time. Oh yeah, your boss is a pretty boy, about the same age as you. (400 years old?)

"Oui~ Oui~" France agreed and placed a red rose beside you.

"She's much more beautiful than the rose isn't she?" said Arthur. Your family followed you to the room, Arthur's wound were already healed. You still have your bandage around your left eye.

"How's the war?" Spain asked

"Deadly as always" said France

"They're such an idiots for trying to conquer the whole Russia" said Arthur as he sat beside you, Alfred and Matthew climbed on the bed and to sleep with you.

"We're leaving..." said Prussia

"Kill ___'s boss for me!" Arthur reminded.

"We're about to that, you punk" the Bad Friends left.

Arthur felt so bad by looking at you, You never got an injuries like that normally.

'I promise ___... I'll protect you even if this body of mine must be broken into pieces. This is my fault. I never want you to suffer like this again...'
Let's stop the cuteness overload in this chapter~

I was listening to Battlefield by Jordin Sparks and Hero by Skillet that led me to write war scene =_=. Did you notice the Romance scene? I was listening to Ashita boku wa kimi ni ai ni iku by Wakaba that's why! O.O

Reminder: 2 Days Left till' the vacation to Hawaii with Arthur! :la:

Okay okay, a little funny conversation here: (Took in an APH amv)

England: Why does love always feel like a battlefield?

America: I don't know, but Why invasions always feel like rape?


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