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April 21, 2012
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Alfred and Matthew can go to school now, It's good for them to have lots of friends. Not to mention, little Romano, Italy and Germany will go to school too!

"Mama! Don't forget to pack lots of hamburgers okay?" Alfred cried from the living room. As he saidthat, you were busy packing as many hamburgers as will fit in his blue, red and white patterned lunchbox. You knew that Matthew would want donuts so you and Arthur baked some last night. Alfred and Matthew ran to the kitchen to get their lunch boxes with their blue uniforms on.

"Here ya' go~" you smiled as you handed their lunch boxes to them.

"Mama, did you put donuts?" Matthew questioned

"Of course" you simply answered, After hearing your answer, he hugged you tightly around the knees

"Alfred! Matthew! Let's go! You're gonna be late!" Arthur yelled from his room.

"Wait for Papa in the car, Now come on" you pushed them gently to the door and you head to the bedroom.

"Are you coming too?" Arthur asked while looking himself at the mirror and arranging his necktie

"I don't think so..."

"I think you should come"

"Why...?" you crossed your arms and leaned on the door.

"They will get lonely won't they? Oh and by the way ___, can you come here?" You approached to him and stared at him, He look so good with in casual clothing.

"Which one do you like? My hair slicked back or not?" he asked as he slicked back his hair, you laughed at him for a second and ruffled up his hair again.

"I prefer the messy one" you giggled.

"You're so pretty when you're smiling huh?" he smirked a bit

"You're acting like Francis again..."

"No, I'm serious"

"Well... Thanks..." you blushed

Arthur gave you a kiss on the cheek before leaving; afterwards you changed your clothes and joined them in the car.

"Al, make sure you won't get enemies on your first day okay?" you warned

"Mama you don't trust me do you?" he pouted "Mattie looks like me... just less awesome!" he added

"Eh...?" Matthew sounds confused

'Did he learn that word from Gilbert?'

Few minutes later, you reached the school,  only a few hundred meters away from Arthur's house. The school was pretty big but only for kindergarteners. You saw Gilbert and Antonio standing at a classroom's door, looking a little awkward as little Ludwig was crying.

"Bruder! don't leave me here!" Ludwig cried while hugging Gilbert's leg tightly

"But Lud, you have to go to school, you can't slack off in the house"

"Spain you bastard! don't you dare to leave me here!" Romano yelled. You noticed he had a little plush tomato, and the seams looked ready to pop as Romano crushed between his pudgy hands.

"Don't worry, I'll be waiting in the playground" said Spain and messed up with Romano's hair

"I-It's a promise okay...?" Romano mumbled and blushed


Prussia was having hard times convincing little Germany, you walked towards him and talked to little Germany.

"Ludwig, Brother will be waiting outside and he'll bring you to the park afterschool" you said in a calm voice and wiped his tears. Prussia looked so amazed.

"O-okay..." he managed to stop his tears and entered the classroom with Romano.

"___! why did you tell him that i'll bring him to the park!? I don't have any money!"

"It's your problem not mine"

"She's right mi amigo~" Spain agreed and left Prussia speechless.

"Toni, can you bring Lud in the park with Roma?" Prussia asked but Spain ignored him

"Matthew, Alfred, is it okay for me and Mama to leave?" They nodded and entered the classroom

"Wow, how can you ask them like that?" Spain asked

"We raised them 'properly' " said Arthur


"Mattie! Let's play with them!" said Alfred and approached the Asians leaving Matthew behind.

"Yo!" Alfred greeted them

"Yow!" the boy named Yong Soo said

"Your name?" Alfred asked

"Im Yong Soo" he stood up and shake hands with Alfred

"And yours?"

"Alfred Kirkland!"

"Kirkland? you mean the Brit?"


Matthew on the other hand... He saw a dark skinned boy and his hair was tied back into dreadlocks and looking outside of the window, Mathtew walked towards him and talked to him.

"H-Hello..." Matthew greeted him nervously. The boy turned around and nodded

"What's your name?"

"Carlos (He's Cuba)"

"N-Nice to meet y-you"

"I wanna see Roma now!!" he shouted as he plopped back

"Stop it Antonio, you're such a pedo" you squinted

"What ___? Don't you miss your children too?" Spain asked

"Of course I miss them"

"Is there anything we can do here? I'm bored" Prussia complained

"Why don't you flirt with some teachers there?" Arthur suggested

"That's not what a gentleman would say, Flirt huh? How about flirting with ___?"

"Lay a finger on her or i'll bleach your hair" he threatened and pulled your closer to him. Spain laughed at Prussia's reaction. Perverted thoughts were running in Prussia's mind.

"___, do you want juice?" Arthur asked

"Now that you mention it, I'm thirsty" Arthur stood up and head to the canteen to buy juice.

"Chica, Do you have a crush on Inglaterra?" Spain asked

"Wha--!? What kind of a question is that!?"

"It's simple! Just say yes or no"


"Both? So you mean, You love him but you hate him?"

"No comment, and since when did this turn in to a conversation about my OWN business"

"Heh! We're interested in your love life~" said Prussia

"Love Life huh? My turn to ask, How's your LOVE LIFE with AUSTRIA?"

"A-Austria!!?? that rotten young master!?"

"You have relationship with him right?"

"Si Si! The last time I visit your house, Austria was on your bed!" said Spain

"Toni... you stalker..."

"Okay kids! Take your seats!" Sir Netherlands cried, loud enough to be heard by the children. They took their seats quietly and behaved.

"Let's do some introductions and tell me what do you want to be when you grow up, Let's start with... you!" He's pointing at Alfred.

"Alfred Kirkland, I want to be a Hero!"

"A Hero huh?" then, the whole class laughed at him except for Matthew, Yong Soo, Romano, Germany, Italy and Cuba.

"I'm gonna show all of you that i can be a Hero!" he cried, breaking the happy atmosphere

'This kid...he's that pirate's son right? I think he'll become a soldier...' Netherlands thought. Next, Matthew stood up and did the same.

"M-Matthew Kirkland, Someday I want to become the best hockey player..."

The class introduced themselves, their dreams were pretty interesting but if you analyzed their words it only meant... War. As expected from the young countries.

(Arthur's POV)

The long line at the canteen was torture on my poor eardrums, I felt as though blood was about to spurt from the seemingly destroyed tissue. Luckily, I have stayed true to my goal, and I am now one noisy person away from getting _____ a drink.

Finally, It's my turn to order and what do I see? It's the perverted frog...

"France!? What are you doing here?"

"Angleterre? What am I doing here? The superitendent asked me if I can be a substitute worker here, Of course I won't let turn down her offer"

"You just want to flirt with her aren't you?"

"Oui oui~ she was very pretty~"

"Give me a juice"

"For ___?"


"Speaking of ___, How's it going between you and her?" He asked, i became a little uneasy by his question.

"Always fine"

"No, that's not the answer i want to hear"

"What do you mean?" I raised my eyebrow and started to feel nervous

"What i mean is, have you confessed to her?"

"What the hell? stop questioning me and give me the bloody juice" I can't help it but to spoke like my Pirate days when my patience is running off. The bloody frog gave me the juice and left. My day was so completed just to see ____ smiling, brightening my morning.  I would be the happiest man alive if I knew she felt the same. If a smile, a kind word, the mere sight of me bought butterfly's to her stomach, If I knew she felt like that… well… I could do anything. I would do anything if it would make her feel that way. But I looked at her, laughing and smiling with her friends, and I began to wonder if all my adoration, no, LOVE was being thrown at a brick wall.

(Back to your POV)

Arthur came with a juice and handed it to you.


"Anything for you, love" he said and sat again beside you

You sat and talked with your friends for a few minutes, while Arthur excused himself and ran off to do something. He returned a while later with a grin. "Follow me, ____." He led you to a lush, green hillside behind the school. You and Arthur lent against a tree. Soon, your children came, Spain had obviously told them where to find you. The air was so warm and gentle that you feel asleep. Alfred and Mathew were sleepy from their first day of school, so they fell asleep too, Matthew with his head of soft downy blond hair on your chest, Alfred with his head resting on Arthur's chest.
Siesta Time~ ZzZzZ...

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