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Today is Autumn, Gilbert invited your "family" for a picnic under the maple tree at the fringes of the forest. Not so many people coming to that forest because there was rumour that it was haunted. Most people are petrified by the mere thought of entering the forest (apparently some of the ghosts can wield swords with deadly accuracy) but, as a country, you can't die, so you aren't too worried.

Gilbert also invited Spain with his little Romano and Francis, the whole Bad Touch was there.

"Aah~ the air is so refreshing~" Spain stretched his arms as he lay down at the mat.

"Why did you bring us here? You should have just invited us to the park" you said while feeding Matthew

"Eh? Are you complaining madel? The awesome me should be in a cool place like this!" said Gilbert proudly, little Germany is with him.

"Are you scared ___?" Francis joked around.

"N-No I'm not!!"

"Oh really? ohonhon~"

"Stop teasing her you frog!" Arthur snarled

"The prince has come to save the princess~" said Gilbert with a sing-a-song voice

"Stop it mi amigos~"

"Don't make fun of my Mama, you beardy face!" Alfred ran to Francis and shook him back and forth by his collar. You guys just laughed at them.

"By the way ___, do you and England have plans tonight?" Gilbert asked

"Hm? Not really" said you and Arthur in unison.

"How about we go and have a round of Test of Courage tonight?" Gilbert proposed

"Like hell i would participate in your bloody-"

"It'll be fun!" your eyes widened in anticipation

"Well, If ___ will go... I'll go too..." said Arthur shyly

"Okay! It's settled! Let's meet here at 11:30 PM, Don't be late!" said Prussia

"Why don't we leave the kids to Hungary or China?" suggested France
"You know____, for once I actually agree with the bloody frog" Arthur whispered in your ear

After talking with the Bad Touch Trio you head to Hungary's house to leave Matthew and Alfred there. Thank God, you managed to convince them. Little Italy, Romano and Germany will be there too so they will not be bored or lonely.

"I'm sorry for leaving them to you all a sudden, Hungary" You said while scratching the back of your head.

"It's okay!" Hungary smiled at you "I want to spend time with your children so it's fine!"

"I'll come home quickly, I promise"

"Take your time~ and I know that Prussia will force you to participate in his idiotic hobbies even though you don't want to" she said forcing herself to smile and wanted to smack Prussia 'If only he was here You mused

"So then, Matt, Al behave okay?" you gave them a kiss on the cheeks

"Come back soon Mama..." said Matthew sounding like wants to cry.

"We'll come back soon" Arthur crouched down and kissed Matt's forehead. When he looked at Alfred he's pouting.

"Why the little Hero is pouting, huh?" said Arthur while messing up with Alfred's hair

"He also wants a kiss" you whispered in his ear

"Oh? I see~" Arthur smirked a bit and kissed Al's forehead

"H-have a safe trip, Papa..." said Alfred and hugged him

"Yes little lad"

You two decided to walk all the way to the forest. You're starting to feel a little nervous. 'What's this...? I'm scared?' You wondered. Arthur looked at you with a worried face, He held your hand to calm you down.

"Don't worry, love I'm here" he reassured you and continue walking. Your fear lessened when he held your hand, the feel of his warm hand grasping yours, gave you a new courage.

Then, you both reached the forest, the Bad Friends were waiting for you and Arthur to come, Prussia looked tired of waiting.

"You're late!" Gilbert scolded

"We're sorry!!" Arthur fought back

"Calm down mon ami, atleast they're here, non?"

"Okay okay! Let's start!" Spain clapped, breaking the fight

"Here's the procedure, we'll form into 3 groups, Frenchie and Toni will go first, then the awesome me and-..."

"Wait, 3 groups? what do you mean? Where's the other one? a ghost?" Arthur questioned

"I knew you were gonna ask me that. I brought Austria!" said Gilbert and pulled out Austria from behind the tree he was casually leaning up against. You noticed for the first time how odd the maple tree looked, standing at the fringes of a lush pine forest. You wondered who had planted it there. You breathed in the scent of fresh pine sap as you processed what Gilbert had just said.

"HANG ON A MINUTE!" you cried as your brain just come to terms with what he had just said "A-Austria!?"

"I didn't know that Aristocrat liked to participate in this kind of thing, huh?" Arthur smirked

"This idiot knocked me unconcious! when i opened my eyes, i found myself being  tied up in the boot of his car!!!" Austria cried in anger. "Which, by the way, you really need to clean out if you intend to put passengers in there! No one wants to spend time getting better acquainted with your old socks!" he cried, turning to Prussia.

"If i asked you, would you come?" Gilbert asked


"So that's why i did that!" Gilbert snickered

"Save your anger for your piano" Spain butted in

"Back to the procedure, the last group will be ___ and the bushy brows. Oh, i still didn't tell you about this place right?" you nodded "There's a graveyard behind this fore-"

"Arthur, Let's go home..." you proposed suddenly

"No" he denied you quickly how shocking...

Gilbert continued talking "There's a graveyard behind this forest, each group must find a red paper located at the top of the graves, if you can't find one, try opening the graves!"

"O-open the graves!!??"

"Let's start! I'm excited!" Spain shivered in excitement

"We'll give you 20 minutes to find the paper okay? Now... 3...2...1 ... START!" Gilbert fired off a gun causing the crows that had been gathering flew away. France and Spain ran to be the first to find the paper.

(France and Spain's perspective)

France acted like he wanted to go home,while Spain is just having fun and lighting the way to the graveyard.

"Toni, aren't you scared?" Francis asked

"Not really~"France is also a scaredy cat but it's not obvious if you look at him... just a plain pervert...

On their way to the graveyard...They can hear weird sounds coming out from nowhere, It made France much more scared. France looked sideways to check if there was an axe wielding ghost but when he looked at his side, Spain had suddenly dissapeared.

"T-Toni...?" his body is shaking... then, someone suddenly grabbed his foot but Francis sighed in relief, he knew it was Spain(Spain loves to pull this trick while swimming, especially on France, so he was used to it) but when he looked behind... he saw a bloody screamer face.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Francis freaked out and ran.

"I think i went too far" Spain giggled, He was the screamer (He used a mask and tomato as the blood)

You, Arthur, Prussia and Austria on the other hand...
You three burst out of laughing when you heard Francis' scream.

"So funny!" Prussia laughed out loud, Austria also wants to laugh but it'll only ruin his image.

"Did we come here just to scare Francis?" you asked, trying to stop laughing

"Nein, It's Toni's idea, he want to see Frenchie freaking out"

After 10 minutes, Spain came back with the red paper.

"I'm done~" he grinned

"How impressive!" you exclaimed "Where did you find it?" you asked

"Inside of a wooden coffin"

"Where's Frenchie?" Gilbert asked and peeked at the graveyard

"I don't know, Don't worry he'll come back anyways" said Spain nonchalantly

"Austria, It's our turn now" said Prussia and dragged Austria to the graveyard forcefully

You grinned like an idiot thinking what  Prussia will look like when he freak out.

"Hey Antonio, you said you found the paper inside the coffin right? How can you open it? I mean, some of it were buried below or cemented right?"

"So Gil forgot to explain it all didn't he? The whole graveyard is fake, Gil had it built by his Lud's men" he explained

"Really? but i heard they were corpses inside?"

"Corpses? All of them are mannequins!"

"What!? Why would Gilbert build such a place!?" things got more confusing

"Mi amigo has a strange obsession about graveyards when he was a child, Graveyards were, and still are his hangout place"

'But why the graveyard...? Does he want to die early? you thought

"Back to my question, how did you get the paper inside the coffin?"

"There's button on every coffin"

"The wanker built the graveyard... he prepared the game... Wait, So he knows where is the paper hidden?" Arthur asked

"Of course no, It's cheating~ He asked us to hide it but Francis and I hid it on a place where he can never find it~"

(Prussia and Austria's perspective)

Prussia and Austria were having a hard time trying to find the paper, each sent the other on wild goose (or in this case, paper) chases, each wanting to be the first to find the paper... After several failed coffin openings, each decided to split "I can work faster if that aristocrat isn't breathing down my neck!" Gilbert reasoned. "I can go home faster if I find this paper quickly, and vent my anger through my marvellous piano!" Austria said

"I'm sure the awesome me can find that paper in a minute!" Prussia roamed around of the graveyard, he searched for it at the top of the coffins but he couldn't find any. He pressed every button to check if it was there.

15 minutes later, there's 1 coffin left to check located at the corner, he pressed the button and saw a "mannequin" lying down in the coffin.

"Since when did I put a mannequin here? and why does it looks like Austria?" he wondered 'It really looks like Austria!' Prussia pulled it's curl, when he pulled it, It's eyes opened

"Woah!" It's Austria!

"What are you doing you idiot? I'm taking a sleep..." Austria grumbled

"Sleeping in the coffin!? How unawesome!"

"I got bored waiting for you!"

"Did you found the paper?" Gilbert asked


"Why didn't you tell me!?"

"I'm not an informant..."

"Anyways, Let's go"

After 2 minutes, they reached the meeting place, Prussia... looks so unsatisfied.

"It's ___ and Inglaterra's turn, si?"

"Let's go, love"

Your long waited time has come! Time to show Arthur your cool side! While walking to the graveyard, you avoid to look between sides, It'll only cause you more fear.

"___ If you want to go home, we can go now"

"Are you scared Arthur?" you teased, trying to keep your voice up-beat

"No, just concerned" he held your hand again and continued searching. Your heart throbbed when he held your hand. 'Am i falling inlove with him?'

After 7 minutes of searching, you and Arthur found the paper lying down on the grass floor, Your group was the fastest team.

"Arthur... aren't you get tired being with me?" you questioned with your head down

"Why are you asking me that?" he stopped walking and stared at you.


"I NEVER won't get tired being with you..." he said as he held your cheeks and rested his forehead against yours.

'I love you so much ___ but i don't think this is the right time to tell you' he wanted to kiss you but he couldn't.

"I'm so happy being with you" he let go of you and continue walking. When you looked at a suspicious tree, you saw an oddly shaped shadow, completely different to the shadow the tree should have cast. You approached to it but it was gone.

"Is there something bothering you?" Arthur asked as he followed you.

"N-Nothing..." you knew that there was something else there, you leaned on the tree and tried to calm yourself.
Arthur crouched down and placed his palm on your forehead to check if you're having a bad fever. He took his hand away and gazed in to your (e/c) eyes as he established you don't have.

"Relax, love"

Then, someone placed a hand on your shoulder from behind. Arthur's jaw dropped. You trembled as you took a peek.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" you screamed in terror and fainted


"Mi amigo, you also went too far!"

"I think her soul just left..."

Francis: I'm so scared!! but i couldn't go home!!!


I want to see Prussia freaking out!
like this > :iconomgwtfbbqplz:

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