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April 18, 2012
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"Hmmmm... What should Matt and Alfred wear for the Conference...? Sailor suits or their usual clothing?" you asked yourself, You couldn't choose one so you decided to ask Arthur. He was in his work room. He still hasn't slept yet so he must be so tired due to work.

"A-Arthur...?" you called while slowly opening the door. He didn't respond, his head was facing the desk.

"Arthur can you help me?" you asked , but still... no answer

"Arthur! Arthur!" you shook him up. He slowly lifted his head with an irritated face.

"Damn it ___! I'm so tired! mind if you get the bloody hell out of here? I want to sleep!" he growled out suddenly, making you cry. He just realized what he had done, he followed you the all the way to bedroom but you're ignoring him. You used your own car to get to the Conference, you're crying while driving.

"Mama, don't cry" said Matthew, trying to reach your eyes to wipe your tears.

"Don't mind me Matt, Mama just watched a sad movie" what a kind Mom...

Alfred knew what happened, he kept quiet all the time, He thinks that is the best choice. When you reached the Conference room, the countries looked at you, they are worried why your eyes are red.

"What happened to ___? Did she cry?" Prussia asked Spain

"I think she did" said Spain

"Where's bushy brows?" Prussia asked again

'___ cried... England is not with her... did they have a fight?' Spain wondered

Today was Austria's turn to speak about his country's economy. It's unusual for you that you didn't listen today's meeting because what happened earlier. You can't believe it, It was your first time having a fight with your bestfriend. Now... you're thinking strangely, you thought of declaring a war with Arthur.

"Mama, can i play with Kiku?" Alfred asked

"Okay..." you replied quietly

Then, Francis approached Alfred to ask him something

"Alfred, do you know why your Mama cried?"

"Mama and Papa fight earlier, It's Papa's fault for making Mama cry!!" Alfred cried, he was heard by the countries, interupting the meeting.

"Alfred...!?" your eyes widened from what he did "Sorry for the interuption Sir Austria, Please continue" you apologized and picked Alfred up.

"So the bushy brows made ___ cry huh? I'll beat the crap out of him!" Prussia clenched his fist under the table.

After a while, little Kiku and little Yong Soo talked to you. They want Alfred and Matthew to stay at their house to play, you agreed but you're going to fetch them when night comes. They ran outside the meeting room with Yao, he's not interested listening to Austria so he tagged along.

You don't know if you should go to your own house or go home to Arthur's house, If you go home... your boss will scold you and will give you more problems. It would probably just make you depressed, so you didn't really have much choice.

You're about to leave then Hungary approached to you.
"Hey ___, Can I talk with you ?" she asked

"Sure?" you two take a seat again.

"You had a fight with England, yes?"

"Please don't mention that name... I don't want to hear it"

"I guess you should talk to him..." said Hungary and patted your back

"I don't want to!"

"We women should take the move first" she said seriously


"No buts, Come on, talk to him I'm sure this will get fixed"

"You think so?" you lazily stood up from your seat and go home with your car.

When you got home, you saw Arthur sleeping on the couch. You try not to mind him but you can't help but put a blanket over him. When you placed the blanket, you don't know if you woke him up, he suddenly yanked you and hugged you tightly.

"I'm so sorry ___, I didn't mean it" he said in a low voice.

"Let go of me"

"I won't let go of you if you don't forgive me"

"Okay fine, I forgive you"



"Thank you, love" he let go of you and kissed your hand.

"If you yell at me again, I'm gonna declare a war at you for sure!"

"Where's the kids?" he asked, trying to change the subject

"At Yao's house..."

"What are they doing there?" he asked

"Playing with his children, Don't worry I'll fetch them by night" you sat beside him and rested your head on his shoulder and turned on the TV.

"How's the meeting?" he asked and leaned

"Boring as always..."

"You're kidding! You never get bored of meetings right?"

"No It's really boring..."

"Want to sleep?"

"Yeah..." you slowly closed your eyes. Arthur tossed your arms on his neck and laid down while he wrapped his arms on your waist. You're now sleeping on top of him.

You and Arthur were asleep for almost 30 minutes then your phone rung but you didn't wake up, Arthur wake up and get the phone from your pocket. Yao was calling you.

"Ni hao! It's China, aru"

"Wang? What is it?"

"Matt and Al want to sleep over"

"W-What!? No way!"

"A-Arthur...? Who are you talking to...?" you asked, his loud voice woke you up.

"Here" he handed you the phone


"___? your children want to sleep here, aru"

"Let me talk to them"

"Mama! Can we sleep here!?" said Alfred from the phone

"No" you denied quickly

"Please Mama?" It's Matthew talking

"Alright..." you sighed in defeat, his cute voice beat you up! "Tell Uncle Yao to take you and Al to bath before sleeping okay?"

"Oookay!" Matthew hung up.

"Is it okay for them to stay there?"

"Yao is good at taking care children so I guess it's okay"

Arthur yawned "I'm so tired... Let's sleep ___... It's already late you know? We still have meeting tomorrow right?" he picked you up bridal style and ran to his bedroom.

"Put me down!" you struggled

"Shut up ___..." he's really tired, his mood started to change. He laid you down at bed and lay beside you.

"I love you ___..." he muttered

"Hmm? Did you say something?" the curious you, asked

Arthur you sweet meanie! :D

The Hawaii Trip I'm talking about on the previous chapter, It'll be on the other chapter so please be patient XD

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