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April 17, 2012
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Today was you and Arthur's day off. "Praise the Lord!" Is the only thing you always cried when that day came.

"___, I have an emergency meeting, I'll be out for a while." he packed up his things with his phone on his shoulder.

"Why all of a sudden? Isn't our day off today?" Wow, what a stupid boss... Ruining your first family day...

"But Papa, Mama and us will be all alone." Alfred and Matthew said at the same time.

"I'll make it fast, I promise."

"You're gonna make them cry." you pointed out. The children started to cry.

"Oh, really? For God's sake! Alright, I'll use magic."

"Magic? Some magic to stop them from crying...?" you asked, confused.

"Let me show you..." he pulled out a wand from now where and swung it, casting a spell. A strong wind blew up and a thick fog came out. When the fog cleared up, two men were standing there. It was Arthur in his Pirate days and another Arthur as the British Empire.

"What the bloody hell am I doing here?" Pirate Arthur wondered.

"Such a disgrace, I'm still having my tea time..." British Empire Arthur sighed.

"Two Arthurs!?" you cried, utterly confused.

"These 'me' will be with you for a while, so Matthew and Alfred won't get lonely." he explained rather calmly. "So there!" he left.

'I don't get him!'

"Now, can you tell me why that bastard brought us here?" Pirate Arthur asked.

"He already explained it didn't he?" you sighed too and brought the two children to the bedroom.

"She's right, are you deaf or what?" said the British Empire Arthur and folded his arms.

"Don't get so cocky!" Pirate Arthur grabbed his collar.

"Let go of it, you'll make it dirty!" B.E. Arthur snarled back.

They fought until they got satisfied. They had just noticed that you three had left already. The British Empire Arthur went to the bedroom with Pirate Arthur following behind. They saw you, Alfred, and Matthew sleeping.

"How cute." said Pirate Arthur, a small smile on his face.

"That's not a thing that Pirate should say, but I agree with you."

"Are you planning to do something to her?" Pirate Arthur asked, raising a thick brow.

"Look who's talking... I'm a gentleman, of course I won't do that... Unless if she want to."

"Whatever..." Pirate Arthur sat beside you and touched your soft hair.

"So the present me got a woman like her, huh?" said B.E Arthur and leaned at the door.

Then Alfred woke up, maybe because of Pirate Arthur's loud voice.

"Papa...?" he called, rubbing his eyes.

"Papa? A Pirate? How funny!" British Empire Arthur chuckled.

"What the hell? I'm also a man!"

"Come here, Alfred." said British Empire Arthur, walking over to the bed to see what Alfred wanted.

"Would you like me to read you a book?" He asked, Alfred nodded.

The British Empire carried Alfred over to the living room and sat with him and read a book. While the Pirate Arthur is watching you sleep. For him, you're so beautiful. He even doesn't  believe that someone as beautiful as you became friends with present him because he believes he's too arrogant and every country hated him for that.

'Shall I tell my present self that I'm falling in love with her now? But doesn't that means I'm already in love with her? Urgh! This is so confusing!'

'What...? Why am I becoming so sleepy all of a sudden...?' Pirate Arthur slowly collapsing and fell beside you, fast asleep.

The British Empire and Alfred on the other hand...

"What story would you like?" he asked.

"Hero story!" Alfred cried cheerfully.

"Hero...? Oh! I know I brought one." He pulled out the book from an old cabinet and sat down beside Alfred again.

"How about this? A weak Hero who saves the woman he loves?"

"Is it all about love? Can you just read me one that's full of badass actions?" Alfred lazily complained.

"B-Badass actions? Where did you learn that word from?"

"Nevermind..." said Alfred and looked away.

"So, should i just read the 'bad-ass' parts?"

"Yeah!! Papa, can I sit on your lap?"

"Of course!" British Empire Arthur felt so happy being called a Papa, he felt like he was in heaven now!

"Let's skip it..." British Empire Arthur skipped the love scenes. He told Alfred 'bad-ass'stories for 20 minutes, British Empire Arthur read the story too fast so Alfred fell asleep pretty fast. He brought Alfred at the bedroom and let him sleep beside Matthew.

'Why the Pirate me is sleeping beside her!? No wait, I should know that because it's me!! I'm also that pirate!!' He also got confused like his Pirate self.

Then, the real Arthur came home and look for his "family". He saw what he missed out on, his two 'selves' are sleeping... with you.

'Thank you for taking care of them for me...' he smiled and swung his wand and made the two Arthurs disappear.

"Tomorrow... Let's have a date ___..." he murmured and kissed you softly on the lips while you slept.
Chapter 3 of Kirkland Family! OMG!! 3 Arthurs~ *_*

Credits to: ~10721 for the wonderful picture ^^
(I have his/her permission)

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