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May 9, 2012
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Arthur felt quite nervous, he was trying to think of a way to propose to you. He asked France for advice, and he said that Arthur should take you to an expensive restaurant (preferably his) or a romantic place, but to Arthur that as far to cliché. Besides, romantic places didn't suit your taste, in short: you hated those kinds of places. Afterwards he regretted that he asked shit beard for advice.

Later that day, he was gazing at your face, searching for an idea, a memorable way to ask for your hand. You smiled gently at him, noticing his intense gaze upon you. He suddenly jumped up as his neurons decided to stop sleeping and assist him in planning.

He ran off, only pausing in the next room to talk to Alfred and Matthew. You heard Alfred's exited yell, and Arthur run outside. A little while later, Matthew came in and told you that Arthur wanted to see you. Of course you went to see your brit. You stood on a grassy hillside, looking for Arthur. You couldn't see him. Then a pair of hands covered your eyes. It was Arthur.

"Any reason why you made me come here, Mr. Kirkland?" you teased.

"Forget about that... Do you remember this place?" he asked as he leaned on the tree. You just noticed that you were standing on a hillside, where you and Arthur first met Alfred and Matthew.


Arthur stood in front of you and kneeled down. You were confused at first and didn't know what was he doing but soon you realized.

"____. I know we just confessed our feelings a month ago, and I know this feels sudden, will you marry me?" he said as he pulled a black velvet box out of his jacket pocket, and opened it to reveal the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. You knew that he wasn't proposing for a country alliance, but for you to live with him and love him forever.

"Bloody yes!" tears of joy came out from your eyes as you pinned him down and kissed him. He was sort of shocked because you didn't gave him a chance to say something.


A few weeks after his proposal, wars came out again. But this war is different. You were in the middle of fighting with Spain, when the unexpected happened, the event you had been dreading over all others.

"Alfred...? What are you doing...?" Arthur asked as his eyes trembled in fear. The Spanish army stopped fighting as Alfred caught their attention The British Colonies was standing in front of him.

"Dad... I want freedom"

"Freedom...? you were also England right?" said Arthur, trying to convince Alfred to stop.

"You don't understand Dad... just let me become independent"

"No..." he pointed the musket at Alfred, the British Colonies also did the same. You stepped on to the battlefield to see what was happening.

"As if I would shoot my own child..." Arthur fell on his knees and cried.

"Arthur!" you shouted as you approached

"Alfred, What's happening!?" you asked

"Mom... I'm going to become independent" he said. Your eyes widened in shock, It instantly disappeared when you looked at him. Your eyes were full of hatred. Then, Matthew also stepped in the battlefield. You hadn't noticed he was there. He usually avoided conflict due to his fear of guns and gunshots. He stood on front of Alfred and pointed the revolver at him. 'He was scared of guns... why is he holding one?'

"Al! Stop this nonsense!" Matthew growled

"Matt, you also don't undertand! Just like Mom and Dad!"

"Al... let me punch you for the last time" said Matthew as he punched Alfred hard on the face.

"Mom, Dad Let's go, this bastard is insane" he looked at Alfred with a killing intent. You dismissed the war and gave the victory to Spain.

It hurts so much, your heart broke into pieces. You raised him with Arthur to be a splendid individual, not to rebel. How much more to Arthur who spent a lot of times with him?

After the Revolutionary war, Arthur suffered, He kept seeing hallucinations of America everywhere around his house, he was abandoned and betrayed. Once, he tried to commit suicide, Gladly, you managed to stopped him. He hadn't sleep for a day or two, so Yao recommended that you use opium to put him sleep, Thankfully, It helped but he had nightmares, he always said Alfred's name and the word "why" over and over again. It took you and Matthew a long time to get Arthur recover.

You're now living peacefully with the two. Today, Matthew isn't home, he was at FRANCIS' house and will be SLEEPING there.

"___! Could you help me here?" Arthur cried from the bedroom. You went there and saw the paperworks scattered on the floor, you picked them up and handed it to him. When you handed the papers to him, he suddenly pinned you down on the bed.

"W-What is it...?" you asked nervously

"___, Can we do it?" he asked and you nodded in agreement.
:iconorzplz: Don't know what to say... :iconifaintplz::iconblooddeathplz:

Credits to: ~10721 for the wonderful picture ^^
(I have his/her permission)

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TinySilverQuills Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  New member
Alfred!! WHY!?! T-T WHY YOU DO THIS!?! And Mattie watch yourself will sleeping over at France's place
mimicraft2503 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
H-Bomb Hiccup H-Bomb Hiccup PervyMoni 
sooryux Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait... Matt is SLEEPING at Francis house 0.0 ...
and btw very nice story, i love it ^^
s1mr4n Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Arthur……very straight forward ya Brit……Matthew plz…..dont stay at Francis house….just….dont!
AkiraSaphire Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
pandascop Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
wait....matthew at francis house......and will be sleeping there..... O.O
MixedMuttNeko-Chan Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
How very..............romantic......nosebleed 
planetfangirl Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013
that was straight forward Arthur. nosebleed 
hedgehogs11 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
verdammt, smooth move Arthur. But seriously I would commit suicide if Alfred left to become independent. I would be like "PLEASE DON'T LEAVE! YOU CAN BE INDEPENDENT, BUT JUST PLEASE STILL LIVE WITH US! I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH!" If he said no then I would be like, " I have no reason to live if my child hates me, I am sorry Arthur, I am sorry Matthew, I am sorry Alfred." Then I would pull out my gun and shoot myself in the head and keep shooting myself like 40 times for good measure. DONE
CItalyPruX3 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
 I started to tear up at this!! Thank you Matt for not betraying us and being a good child!!! I'm so sorry Artie!!!
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