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May 6, 2012
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You opened your eyes and gazed out the window, watching as the birds flew about in the erarly morning sunshine. You had to get up early to pack Matt and Al's lunchboxes. As you shifted, you noticed there was a strong arm slung over your waist. You rolled over about to kiss Arthur good morning, only to find that the man was NOT Arthur. WHY ON EARTH WAS THIS STRANGE SHIRTLESS MAN IN YOUR BED?!?!

You pushed the man off you. He opened his eyes. You studied his baby blues carefully, hoping to find some clue as to WHY HE WAS IN YOUR BED.

"Oww! What are you doing, Mom!?" the shirtless guy growled

"Mom!? Mom my arse! Who the hell are you!?" You're talking like Arthur now...

"It's me! Alfred!" he said

"Alfred? you're kidding me! Alfred is a chil-... What? Can you repeat that again?"

"I'm A-L-F-R-E-D Kirkland, Look, Matt also grew up too" he said as he pointed the sleeping Matthew.

"Gosh... You guys really grow up fast" you said, then, you shook Arthur, trying to wake him.

"What is it ___...?" he mumbled

"Just wake the bloody hell up!"

When he opened his eyes, his reaction was also the same. He also asked "Who is he!?" but he sounded like he wanted to shoot him.

"Do I look handsome, Mom?" Alfred grinned.

"Hell yeah, but your dad is more handsome" you teased as you stretched his cheeks. Matthew woke up, his hair grew longer.

"Good Morning, Matt" you smiled at him

Then, you all got out of the bed, You cooked breakfast. You were slightly afraid of them becoming independent. You didn't want Alfred and Matthew to leave. You loved them both so much. And you loved Arthur too. Would he really still want you in his house if the children weren't there? 'Utter nonsense' you told yourself. He told me he loved me. Heck, he acted VERY in love. He wouldn't send me away.

'They love us right? They won't leave us...'

You placed the plates on the table and sat down.

"Woah, I'm so lucky to have a sexy Mom!" said Alfred

"Stop teasing me, Al...I'm still your goddamn mom!-"

"Calm down Mom, Dad and I think the same! Alfred is  just the only one tactless enough to say it!" said Matthew, his voice made you stop, as what you would expect from a cute child.

"Dad, can you lend me some clothes?" Alfred asked

"Oh me too, Dad!" said Matthew

"S-Sure, I think suits would look good on you two" he chuckled

"Suits? I heard they're tight" said Matthew as he shoved the spoon in his mouth

"No It's not, If you were a fatso like Alfred, It would be tight" Arthur teased.

"I'm not fat, I just have an athletic build!" he pouted

You kind of missed their child forms, they were so cute, the way they eat food, the way they talk and how they look. Now, they grew handsome and became manly.

"Ah~ If only I grew faster, I want to marry Mom!" said Alfred

"Eh...?" your reaction was priceless

"___'s mine, you twat"

"Oh really? Bring it on, Dad!" he grinned

'Like father like son...' you chuckled, you approached the Matthew and requested to go outside with him.

"Arthur, I'll go outside with Matthew" you said as you dragged Matthew outside and sat with him on the bench.

"Is there something you want to tell me, Mom?" he asked

"Nothin', just want to spend times with my favorite child"

"Don't talk like we can't see each other anymore"

'That day might come...'

Matthew asked you several things about how a man should live or how his dad act, he even asked about women, Did he get influenced by Francis? But unlike Francis, he was very shy. Then, Arthur and Alfred came, Alfred was wearing a black suit, he looked like a mafioso.

"Do I look more handsome than dad now mom?"

"Yeah, Probably" you giggled

"Aww, After I put so much efforts, you only say 'probably'?" he pouted again

"Okay fine then~" before you left you gave Alfred a kiss on the cheek. You still have to do laundry. Thank God, All you need to do is put them in the dryer.

(Arthur's POV)
I asked Alfred and Matthew of how should I propose to ___, I know what I'm doing, I'm just asking for their advice! but in the end... none of it helps, but I suddenly thought of an idea. All they need to do is help me.

(Back to you)
You got finished drying them early, next, you need to hang them on the wires and let the sun fully dry them. While hanging the bedsheets, Arthur suddenly hugged you from behind.

"I love you ___~" he grinned, you turned around and tossed your arms around his neck.

"I love you more" Arthur pulled you closer and kissed you.

"___... you're not gonna replace me with Alfred are you?" he pouted

"Haha, What are you saying? he's our child, Of course not~" you said as you kissed his nose.

"Are you done with the laundry?" he asked


You went inside of the house again and took a rest, You can't believe that you got tired doing laundry, you thought you were growing OLD~ You're sleeping on top of Arthur since the bed was a mess, Arthur hadn't get enough sleep due to work, and you hadn't either. Alfred and Matthew went to take a walk without you and Arthur knowing it.

(Alfred and Matthew)

"Hey Matt, do you want to become a country?" Alfred asked

"Eh? I don't think so, I want to be with Mom and Dad" Matthew simply replied.

"Is that so...?"

"Why are you asking me that? Are you planning to become one? please tell me I'm wrong"

"I'm not sure but... I think I might become one someday..." he muttered.

(Time Skip, a few days later)

Alfred suddenly requested Arthur to teach him to hold guns, he was so eager so Arthur taught him. You just noticed, Matthew had a phobia of guns and gunshots, you kept Matthew away from the two when they train.

"...Relax your muscles and aim for it" said Arthur as he arranged the position of Alfred's arm. He pulled the trigger, shooting a hole in the dead centre of the apple Arthur had told him to aim for.

"Not bad"

Dusk was faling over the empty field where they trained so they started to head up to the house.  Alfred immediately headed for the bathroom, he was covered in sweat.

Arthur said he planned to teach him how to handle a musket next.
Alfred... Matt... Whaii is proud!!! XDD

Credits to: ~10721 for the wonderful picture ^^
(I have his/her permission)

Next Chapter: [link]
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TinySilverQuills Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  New member
Noooo!! Not my widdle kawaii chibis!! T-T They grow up too fast!! I have a bad feeling about Alfred and the guns though...
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I will teach you two how to battle with MAGIC MUAHAHAHA. x Hands Alfred enchanted gun and ds Matthew enchanted hatchet x TRAINING TIME (germany mode)
kittycat17643 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
no alfred don't leave! TT.TT i think i know whats going to happen....
CItalyPruX3 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
 STOP THE SHOOTING LESSONS!!! NOW!!! You're just teaching him how to start the Revolutionary War against you!!!!! At least you won't leave right Canada!!!!!!?????????????
RandomPerson1011 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Student Writer
Not the musket! Please any other weapon but that! That episode of Hetalia made me cry so much. I can't bear watch Artie and Al go to war
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