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May 4, 2012
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Kiku invited you to Japan for the Hanabi Matsuri or the Fireworks Festival. He was pleased with the progress he was making, and wanted to show off to more developed countries, though he would never say that.

He came to fetch you in a newly constructed ship, which you would be on for a while, Japan was quite far away. You met him at the docks, and he surprised you with gifts for you and your family. He tells you the garments are called 'Kimono' and 'Yukata' you stumble slightly over the pronunciation the first time, but managed to say it perfectly the next. The red kimono patterned with light pink cherry blossoms with gold highlights he gave to fitted perfectly. Arthur presented you with an elegant pink flower clip. It matched so perfectly that you wondered if he and Kiku had planned it.

Arthur wore a dark green Yukata, patterned with forest leaves, he felt uncomfortable so he let his chest be exposed. There were also some shoes, wooden slippers, worn with socks. At first it was quite difficult and awkward trying to walk in, but you managed to get used to it.

The whole place where the festival takes place is so lively, there's so many food stalls lined up, It's pretty interesting to try them out.

"Welcome to Japan, ___-san, Arthur-san" said Kiku as he approached to you.

"I'm starting to like this place" you said, smiling at the Japanese.

"I am pleased you think so ___-san"

"Kiku! Why are you so big!? That's unfair!" said Alfred as he pulled Kiku's yukata.

"It can't be helped, Alfred-kun" he giggled while Alfred pouted

"So then, Enjoy your time" said Kiku and left.

First, you tried the Tako...yaki? yes, Takoyaki! Then, you saw some Japanese people eating an alive and kicking octopus!

"___, Let's try that" said Arthur, teasing you. He knew you have a weakness when it comes at octopus. You couldn't even bring yourself to eat calamari.

"N-No thanks, I'm already full..." you mumbled

"Really? No kidding?"

"Ugh... Okay okay, I give up. I'm scared and you know it...!" you sighed

"So cute!" said Arthur, cuddling you.

"Ah!? What's gotten on you? You're suddenly acting strange... no... creepy..."


He blushed and chuckled. You gazed up at him. He looked so happy, like being with you and the kids was all he ever wanted. Alfred and Matthew were getting restless, so when they spied Kiku, they immediately wanted to run off and join him at one of the various stalls. You let them, kissing the tops of their heads before they skipped off.

"Seems like the fireworks are about to start"

Arthur grabbed your hand and led you to the top of a cliff. You sat on the precipice, a temple to your backs. You watched the fireworks burst and scatted gorgeous colour across the sky. You saw one you've never seen before, a giant azure firework.

"Hey ___, Do you remember the time when I brought you to Hawaii?" said Arthur as he placed his hand over yours.

"Of course, I haven't thanked for that right?" you grinned and kissed him on the cheek, he blushed, he was surprised at the sudden gesture of affection. It felt like the was a bunch of fireworks going off in his stomach.

'God... I want to confess to her now! but why the words won't come out!?' he cried mentally.
'How about asking her?'

"___..." he called.


"Can I ask you something?"

"You look so serious! Lighten up! Kiku bought us here so we could relax and have a good time! But, Sure go ahead"

"W-What If someone who's c-close to you, likes you?" he blushed like a tomato again...

"Eh? Uhh... I guess If I also like that person, Of course I'll return back his feelings!"

"Do you like someone?" he asked

"Yes I do, but I don't know if he feels the same..."

"I'm sure that person also likes you too"

"Huh? How can you tell?"

"You're a kind woman, Any man would fall for you"

'Any... huh?' you thought

"My turn to ask Arthur, do you also like somebody else?" you asked confidently

"Yeah, I love her very much"

"Come on! Tell her!"

"T-Tell her!? but-"

'___, you're such a git... The person who likes you is beside you... don't you get it?' he chuckled

"What's so funny?" you pouted

"That? when you look so eager, you're so cute" he giggled again.

"Shut up..." you mumbled as you rested your head over his shoulder and continued watch the fireworks together. 'I like this Brit... but I'm afraid to tell him!!!' you thought to yourself. 'He just said he liked someone else. I told him to tell her, and he didn't say anything… she sure is lucky, whoever she is. I wish her the best'

(Arthur's POV)

'I think It'll be hard for me to tell her, she likes somebody else right?' I sighed, but I think I can confess to her tomorrow.
What have I done on the ending? :iconcraiplz:

Oh well~ reminders to all readers! Mark of all your calendars now! Iggy will confess his feelings tomorrow!!! XDD

Credits to: ~10721 for the wonderful picture ^^
(I have his/her permission)

Next Chapter: [link]
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TinySilverQuills Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  New member
CONFESS!! CONFESS!! CONFESS!!CONFESS!! Come one Artie!! Grow some back bone and confess already!! Same goes for reader-chan!!
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confession please!!!!!!!!!!!
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why was part 15 so short? and why did it say end? Also CONFESS PLEASE
kittycat17643 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
Arthur grabbed your hand and led you to the top of a cliff..... firs thang that popped in my mind was this

Arthur grabbed your hand and led you to the top of a cliff, then he pushed u off...

T___T idk im horrible...
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