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May 2, 2012
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You were stirring the soup, your coat sitting on the chair, ready to go get your kids from school when you heard the front door open and close and two soft voices, one of them you identified as Matthew. The scent of softly simmering soup filled the house, wafting through the huge rooms, calling ­­­___'s family to the kitchen doorway. You stuck your head around the corner

"Matt!?" you exclaimed as he ran to you and hugged your legs.

"What are you two doing here...?" Arthur asked, Slightly baffled as to how they got home so quickly by themselves.

"___-san..." an unfamiliar yet gentle voice called. You glanced up wondering who the soothing voice belonged to. A young man stood there. He had brown eyes and strangely familiar black hair.

"Who is he?" you asked

"It's Big Brother Kiku!!!" said Alfred

"K-Kiku...!? When did you grow up to be that big!?" Arthur questioned

"There's nothing to get shocked about, Arthur-san. When I woke this morning, I just found myself this big" Kiku explained

"And the other Asians...?" you asked curiously

"Yes, They grew up too, except for Korea-kun"

"Let's take a seat" Arthur proposed

"So... Did you become independent?" you asked


"Did the panda-freak get angry?"

"I don't think so, but he looked so happy"

"Huh? Is he happy because the number of people in his house decreased?" you teased

"___-san, I never knew you were that childish" he giggled

you chuckled "And by the way, It's my first time hearing the word 'san'... What's that? And what's the name of your country?"

"'San' is an honorific, My country? Nihon desu"

"N-Nihon desu?"

"Oh, I mean Japan"

"Arthur-san, ____-san, Sorry for being rude but, I noticed... Why you two aren't not talking to each other?"


"F-Forget about that! Let's eat?" you immediately changed the subject, you called Matthew and Alfred. You guys started to eat with an unsociable atmosphere.

"Mama! Papa! I got a perfect score earlier!" Alfred boasted as he shoved a laden soupspoon in to his mouth.

"Really? Awesome!"

"'Awesome'? Are you Uncle Gilbert, Mama?" Alfred asked

"Al, you just copied my answer..." said Matthew while eating the tomato.

"Atleast I got a perfect score right?"

You made conversation with the kids and Kiku, deliberately leaving Arthur out. You still hadn't quite forgiven him for the incident earlier. The main topic of conversation was the newly independent Asian countries. Kiku asked if you would like to come and visit him in his country one day.  

Darkness fell without you noticing, your conversation with Kiku was getting more and more interesting. The Asian man had a great number of very interesting things to say, from new ideas for something called Anime, and his previous experiences in China's house.


"Yes, Yao-san looked ready to faint when he saw all of us as grownups!" he glanced at a clock, standing
"___-san, I'll take my leave now, I still must cook."

"Be careful on your way home!"

"I'm not a child anymore..." he pouted and left.

'Not a child anymore... huh? Will Matthew and Alfred grow up that fast too?' to be honest, you're afraid of them growing up, If they grew up, Things like being 'Independent' will come to their minds, you don't want to get separated from them.

Afterwards, you called the two for a sleep and you headed with them to the bedroom.

'Gosh... I feel like an idiot now... I should be apologizing! Not ignoring him!' you cried mentally as you pulled the bedsheets and hide under it. 'How can I make this up to him...?' you sighed. Then you felt strong arms wrap around you waist from behind. You knew just from breathing in that it was Arthur, the scent of tea and the forest clung to him like a second skin. It wasn't unpleasant, quite the contrary… it smelt relaxing, reminding you of spring time and sunshine.

"You're not angry...?" you asked, somewhat shy

"Of course not..."

"Not? But why you're not talking to me...?"

"I want to give you some space, It'll be annoying if I keep talking to you right?" he hugged you tighter "___, Look at me..." you turned around and faced him, When you turned around, he gave you a surprise kiss

"I'll repeat this again, If you're having problems, Don't be afraid to tell me..."
What can I say? XDD

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mimicraft2503 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
sweet :3
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KIKU!!!!! Iggy I'm serious! STAPH GIVING OUT FREE CAVITIES!  YOUR TO SWEET! then again…every likes a sweet guy!
KyoSohmaAndEdwardElr Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
KIKU!!!!  I dunno who I like best! Japan (who's like a big bro to meh) Or Iggy (of who I have a big crush on) >.<
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Korea...he'll be young forever...not in a good way...
percabethshipper22 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
When I read the part about Kiku grew older... I keep on collapsing

(Kiku's my favorite character in hetalia 2nd place by iggy~ sorry iggy ;^;)
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