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April 29, 2012
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You sighed and looked out the window. Your view of the green English countryside was obscured but the heavy rain that was pouring from the heavens. On the upside, at least you didn't have to drive in this weather; you had a day off work. On the down-side, Mattie and Alfred had colds, and Arthur had to go to work, so you have to look after both of them alone.

You placed you hand on Mattie's forehead, and found that his temperature had sky rocketed. You went over to Alfred and did the same, he was burning up too. Over the next half hour you tried everything you knew to try and make the fever go down. Nothing helped.

You rang the closest clinic, but it was shut. So was the next, and the next. Deciding that they needed to see a doctor, and that the Hospital would still be open, you went down stairs to start the car, only to find that it had decided to have a day off too.

You called Arthur, and he didn't pick up.

"WHAT!?" you cried "I NEED HIM AT HOME RIGHT NOW!" you slammed the phone back into its holder.

"Mama..." Alfred called in a weak voice.

"Y-Yes Al?"

"I think my fever will gone If you stay by my side, Mama" he managed to gave you a smile.

"Same here, Mama..." said Matthew

"Of course, I'll stay with you" you smiled as you crouched down in front of the bed and caressed their cheeks. After a while, they fell asleep.

(Arthur's POV)

I glared at my boss in exasperation

"SIR! I'LL SAY THIS ONE LAST TIME!" I thundered at the feeble balding man in front of me

"MY FAMILY NEEDS ME. I can't let ____ look after the children by herself! She is already exhausted and looking after two children all by herself is the LAST thing she needs! If you get your way I'd never see her again! I can't abandon my Family for hundreds of years, just to fight some stupid bloody war!"

My boss was ordering me to go to war with France, and as much as I hate to admit it, that frog has some powerful armies.

"Come on! They're just your fake-" I cut him off, I clenched my fist as I grabbed his collar and stared at him

"If you continue with this stupid notion of starting a war with one of ____'s friends, I shall resign from my post as personification of this country" I took a piece of chalk from my pocket, and began to draw on his desk. I placed my hand in the circle, with its strange arcane markings and let my power flow into it.

"I can do that you know... easily even. And then where would you be? Where would England be?" I glared at him, the green glow of magic growing stronger with my anger.

"But you're the only country that can take commands" he explained

"Isn't Portugal powerful enough to take commands!?"

"We're the lead, they're just supporters!"


"WHEN HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED INNOCENT PEOPLE, YOUR PEOPLE, DIE BEFORE YOUR EYES? HAVE YOU HEARD THE RATTLE OF GUNS, AND THE SCREAM OF DYING MEN? You bastard, don't talk as if you know what you're saying, how many lives you are condemning. If you're going to declare a war, Talk to me first before you make decisions!" I cried back

"I'm your superior, you have no right to tell me what should I do"

"You may be the superior but I'm the country itself" I let go of his collar and left, ignoring what he said next.

I leaned on the wall and sighed, wishing that If only I, ___ and the kids were normal humans, ___ also mentioned that she wants to be a normal human and that she wished for world peace. I like being a country but when it comes to wars, I bloody hate it, Seeing innocent civilians die on front of my eyes.

'I wonder what ___ is doing now...?' Man... Why am I so worried about her? Of course she's doing well!

I saw Ivan pass by.

"Arthur? Is something wrong?" he asked

"Yes, a lot" I simply replied

"I heard that you're having a war with Francis, da?"


"How's it going?"

"Ivan, do you have things to do tomorrow?" I said as I lower my necktie.


"Can you replace me?"

"R-Replace!? Sure I would love to~" his dark aura came out

"Thanks..." I left him behind and headed home.

(Back to you)

Getting desperate as both kids' fevers climbed, you remembered a vitamin in the fridge that Arthur took when he had bad headaches. You decided to try it. Seeing as the kids were so small, you broke one pill in halves and gave one bit to each of them. Obediently they swallowed. Slowly their temperatures began to come down.'thank God' you thought as you curled up on the couch.

Soon, your Brit came home with a tired look. He saw you sleeping on the couch. 'So the princess is sleeping, huh? How cute..." he giggled as he kissed your cheek

'Thanks for the hardwork...'
Iggy, Why so sweet? :iconcraiplz:

Next Chapter~:
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TinySilverQuills Featured By Owner Edited Nov 29, 2014  New member
I swear our bosses are such douches -_-"....I want to kill my boss and mess up his pretty little face

I think the only one I ever thought that was cool was "Old Fritz"...Idk
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Iggy…..your sweetness….is gunna cause cavities! (best joke i have ever made)
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AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy) [V1] 
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me and the boss :iconvoodooplz:
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