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April 28, 2012
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At yesterday's meeting, Feliciano invited Matthew and Alfred to a sleepover. Gilbert overhead the idea, and decided to do the same, but, he would make it more awesome by inviting everybody. You had, of course accepted his invitation, seeing as it was his birthday.

He had told you to come to his (rather large and flash looking) house, and to bring your whole family. When you walked through the large front door, you found yourself almost crushed by the sheer amount of people crowded into the tiny place. Gilbert seemed to be blocking the door to the lounge, trying to teach Antonio a complex handshake.

Finally, Antonio got the right steps in the right order, and the doorway was cleared. You surged into the lounge, making sure no-one crushed Alfred and Matthew.

"Another pathetic idea of that loser..." You glanced up. You hadn't noticed another person on the couch next to you.

"Vash? What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? That bastard forced me to come here!"

"You should have just refused~" you teased

"Lili wants to play with the kids, I can't leave her alone here right?"

"Sister complex?" you giggled

"Huh! But really... We are like at a daycare aren't we? Full of kids..." he sighed

An awkward silence settled over the two of you. Making a feble stab at conversation with the withdrawn man, you asked "Vash, Where did you find Lili?"

"Hmm... If I remember I found her somewhere on the streets."

He talked to you for a minute and left to take a shower, as it was getting dark and Gilbert was shouting about games (good Lord. Vash? Party games? Does not compute). Then, When Vash returned Arthur also used Gilbert's bathroom. When he returned he lay his still slightly damp head on your lap, a fluffy towel around his neck.

"Was that Vash? I never imagined him coming to non-compulsory social gatherings… he looks ready to shoot anyone who annoys him..."

"Shut up and face the truth, your just the same" you chuckled as you made him sit up. You grabbed the towel from around his neck. "What have I told you? No leaning on me while your hair is wet. You're going to ruin my clothes and then what kind of situation would we be in?"

You heard France call from across the room "I would imagine a very desirable one, mon Cheri ~ I would insist on getting you out of those terribly wet clothes before you caught a cold!" his face the picture of concern.

You turned back to face Arthur, noticing his cheeks were pink. "You forgot to dry your hair again, huh? you never change..." you said as you scrubbed his wet hair.

"Whatever..." he pouted "Oh ___, want to go outside?"

"Hmmm? For what?"

"Watch the moon, what else?"

Arthur led you outside, leaving your children to Yao. He walked swiftly in the direction of a clump of trees.

"Arthur, we won't be able to watch the moon very well from a clump of trees. All the branches will get in the way." You stated matter-of-factly.

"I know, but just trust me." He said as he took your hand and led you deeper in to the trees. You felt your face heat up as he took your hand. Your brain wandered off, dreaming impossible things. You were bought back to reality when Arthur said

"We're here!"

You stood in a clearing, the stars shone brightly above you.

"The moon today is beautiful, huh?" amazement made you smile

"Yeah, but you're much more beautiful"

"There you go again! you really like teasing me" you pouted

"I'm serious"

"Say whatever you want..."

Silence built up, as the both of you just gazed up at the sky, watching the clouds cover the moon.

"Hey ___..." he finally spoke

"W-What is it...?"

"What am I to you?" he asked, surprising you with his serious tone

Inside the strange place that is ___'s head

'OH GOD! WHAT DO I SAY TO THAT?! You weren't quite sure yourself.  He was you friend, your best friend, but remembering the way you felt whenever he touched you, you weren't sure that was all. You wanted to tell him that, but your stupid tongue got in the way. You weren't accustomed to sharing personal feelings, so the knee jerk reaction was to blurt out:

"What...? Of course, you are my best friend""What...? Of course, my bestfriend"

(Arthur's POV)

'A-a best friend?'   Is that all I am to her!? I feel like my heart just shattered into tiny bits… half of me wanted to reach over to you and tell you that, to me, you were so much more than just a friend; you were the lover I had been searching for so long... and the other just wanted to curl up and wallow in a deep pit of sorrow.

(Back to you)

"What are you going to do if Alfred and Matthew grow up? Will you leave the house?" he asked again

"Yes, I think..."

"If they grow up, Can i ask you to live with me?"

"Well, If that will make you happy..." you move closer to hug him "Sure, I'll live with you" you said as you stroke his soft blond hair.

"____..." he whispered "C-Can i have a kiss...?"

"Eh...!? Why all of a sudden?"

"Just say If you don't want to..." he said shyly

"OH REALLY! Alright... go ahead!" 'I guess it's exchange for taking me in Hawaii...' you sighed mentally. He slowly grabbed your pink cheeks and kissed you. His lips were so soft.

You and Arthur stared at each other for a while and blushed then burst out of laughing because of your funny and blushing faces.

'I think just kissing her is enough for me... rather than confessing...' he thought

'Are you giving up already, Git!?' said his inner England and mentally slapped him.

You and Arthur talked to each other awkwardly, you guys were like idiots, yes IDIOTS, talking about nonsense things and both of you to embarrassed to dwell on what just happened.

"I guess the party is about to start, Let's go?"

At Gilbert's mansion...

"Madel! Where did you go? I was searching for you but I couldn't find you anywhere!!!" said Gilbert with a beer on his hand.

"You need something?" you questioned

"Yes! I want to challenge you to a drinking contest!!!" he cried proudly, he's obviously already drunk while you gave him a challenge-accepted look.

It was the first time of Gilbert challenging you and it's also your first time drinking beer, you really want to taste just a little but your boss won't let you because he doesn't want you to be a drunkard like Gilbert or Mathias.

The countries already knew the result from the start, He won, of course, Who else can beat the God of Beer Drinking? probably Ludwig when he grows up. Now, you're so drunk, your boss will probably... no... will scold you for sure!

"Ahh...Arthur... The beer's the best~" your head was kinda' spinning.

"___! you drank too much! It's bad for a lady's health!" he scolded, What Arthur? don't talk like you don't drink! you hiccuped as he lay you down at bed, making you rest.

"Arthur... Let's drink sometimes okay~?" said the drunk you.

"No" he denied quickly

"Aww..." you groaned, then you suddenly smirked... and you suddenly grabbed his collar and kissed him.
Drinking Contest eh...? so familiar with my other reader insert O.O

Last day, Iggy was drunk... Now... Reader-tan OwO
If reader-tan wants to rape Iggy, he wouldn't refuse don't he? :iconraepfaceplz:

Gimme' points I will make a lemon ver: :iconprussiasmirkplz:
Just kidding!! :iconyesvictoryplz:

Kissu~? OwO Arthur ya' shy bastard OwO

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s1mr4n Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
LEMME GET DRUNK…..LATER VERY HEATED KISS… i right or am i right!
s1mr4n Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
LEMME GET DRUNK…..LATER VERY HEATED KISS… i right or am i right!
s1mr4n Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
plz lemon?
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