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"S-Spain... I think I'm gonna vomit you bastard..." said Romano, slightly panting

"H-Hey! Don't vomit on my chest!"

Today's the day! As Arthur promised, he is taking you and your children to Hawaii. He brought also Gilbert, Ludwig, France, Romano and Antonio along because Matthew wants them to come. You guys were currently traveling in Arthur's airplane, you were in the front seats with your family. Gilbert and Ludwig at the back, Francis on the next seat to the right, Antoio and Romano behind him.

"Chica, Thanks for inviting us"

"Oh? You should be thanking Matthew or Arthur"

"How romantic of you England, Taking ___ to Hawaii, huh?" said France while smelling a rose he seemingly pulled out of thin air. You would have to ask the Frenchman about that, one day it might be a useful skill to have.

"Got problem with that?" Arthur snarled

"If only ___ was my woman, I'd bring her to Paris or anywhere she wanted~" he boasted

After 15 minutes, you arrived at Hawaii, The weather was freaking hot! It felt like you were about to melt. A soft breeze drifted over your face and you turned towards it, your (h/l), (h/c) hair drift in the salt scented wind.

(Arthur's POV)

As we touched down in Hawaii, I felt a stone settle in my stomach. It took me a while to figure out why. I was nervous. It had been a LONG time since I felt that way. As we stepped out on to the tarmac, I saw ___ her hair fluttering in the breeze, and she had a soft smile on her face. Did she know that she lit up my world by doing that? She outshone the sun. The sun's rays are harsh and unforgiving, but she was the opposite of that, gentle and kind.

I think France caught me looking at her, because he wiggled his eyebrows at me and leaned over and whispered in my ear, "now would be a smart time to make a move,"

I turned and looked at him, my mouth agape. How could he know? He WAS French, but I thought I had hidden it! There had been so many times when I yearned to place my arm around her, kiss her soft lips. France had obviously seen that. I wondered if the others had too.

But, as much as I might hate him, he was right. I did just want to confess to ___, and maybe, just maybe, that was why i decided to bring her here.

(Back to your POV)

"My summer house is there, tell them I've arrived" said Arthur

"Where are you going?" you asked

"To arrange some things" he smiled before he left.

You and the Bad Touch Trio headed to his mansion, It was huge, of course. You didn't know that he ran a hotel and also a successful bussiness man. France was the one who talked to the maid. She lent to the side and asked you

"Are you Mrs. Kirkland?"

"Eh? M-Mrs. Kirkland...?" you don't know what to say

"Yes she is" said Prussia as he pointed you.

The maid led you to the room you were staying, The room was pretty big.

"Mama, Where did Papa go?" Alfred asked

"Don't know, He didn't say anything did he? Oh, Alfred, Matt, want to go swimming now?" you grinned and they nodded, you brought them to the master bedroom ignoring the moron trio. You removed their clothes, put on their swimming trunks and put sunblocks. The Bad Friends and their children are also ready for swimming!

You watched your children play with Ludwig and Romano from the balcony, As usual... the Bad Friends were having fun by themselves.

"Don't want to go swimming?" Arthur said in your ear. You jumped, you hadn't heard him approach, you were too busy focusing on the kids. You turned, and saw he's already  in his trunks and approached to you. He unconsciously wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his chin onyour shoulder.
"And you?"

"I'll go swimming if you're going~"

"Is that so...?" You removed his arms and went back to bedroom, He followed you and saw you taking of your clothes, revealing your bikini.

'I-Is she trying to seduce me?' he wondered, his body wouldn't move, Arthur blushed in deep red.

"Arthur? Is something wrong?" you turned around to face him.

"N-Nothing..." he looked away but the blush still remained.

"Let's go?" you proposed and pulled him outside.

You didn't forget to wear sunglasses and brimmed hat. The Bad Friends stared at you like perverts.

"Papa! Mama! Let's build sand castle!" Matthew cried from distance, You and Arthur approached to them and started building sand castle. Later, the Bad Friends joined too making the castle bigger. As for the last touch, Arthur raised Alfred and placed a red flag on the top of it.

"That was tiring..." you sighed, you left and does sunbathing. You opened an umbrella, placed a mat and lay down. Arthur was tired too so he sat beside you.

"Arthur, can you put lotion on me?" you questioned, he looked so surprised and madly blushed again.

"S-Sure..." he said in a low voice 'She's really seducing me!' he slowly untied the lace and poured an amount of lotion on your back and spread it.

(Arthur's POV)

'MY GOD! I swear she is doing this to me on purpose!' he fretted.

'It's like she WANTS me to do something to her!' an inner demon growled, wanting to pounce. She rolled her shoulders and I jumped out of my own little world, realising that I had kept my hand on her back far longer than necessary.

What was I thinking!? She stayed in my house because of Alfred and Matthew, not me! I couldn't say anything! I would destroy what friendship we had. I didn't want our children to be raised in a house of awkward silences!  

(Back to you)

"Gil, Toni, Look at that~" said France

"Hm? What is- Oh...? Nice scene~" Gil smirked

"I want to switch places with Angleterre~"

"Shut up Frenchie"

You took a rest for about 5 minutes and resumed playing with the children, Taking a vacation while there are still works is really a good idea! Arthur prepared an outdoor barbeque at the front on his summer house, you spent your whole time eating barbeques and chatting with them. The kids came back to the house after a while, They looked tired from playing.

6:30 PM...

"Mama... I want to sleep..." Matthew mumbled and yawned

"I see, how about you Al?" Alfred yawned too, you took that as a 'yes'. You brought them to the house and laid them down to bed, You sang a lullaby that made them sleep quickly.

'They're like angels when sleeping huh...?' you thought as you caressed their heads, not trying to wake them up. Before you left, you placed a blanket over them and closed the lights.

When you reached outside, You saw Arthur sleeping on the bench.

"Oii~ sleepy head, wake up or else you'll catch a cold~" you whispered on his ear, he slowly opened his eyes and blushed again, your face was only centimeters away from him.

"_-____? What are you doing here? Where's the kids?"

"They are sleeping now, I'm the one should be asking why are you sleeping here..."

"Tiredness I guess?" he giggled

"How strange" you chuckled

"Hey ___, want to take a walk?"


You took a walk with Arthur on the seashore, walking barefooted to feel the soft sand. The beach was peaceful, you can hear the waves and the strong wind.

(Arthur's POV)
"Did you have fun?" he asked, he pulled you closer to him and tossed his arms over your shoulder and walked with you.

"Of course, I think this is the best day I've ever had"

"I can take you here anytime"


"Yeah..." 'Come on dude! Confess to her now!' Another England was struggling inside of him, His cowardly attitude came back to him, crushing the brave Iggy within before he had a chance to speak out. Again.

Then, the fireworks suddenly popped out from nowhere to the sky, lightening up the whole beach. Arthur prepared it just for you, You two watched the fireworks until it finished. Your eyes widened in amazement, you didn't knew someone will do this for you.

"Haa~ I'm sleepy..." he muttered

"Eh...? Sleepy already?" you sighed

"Let's sleep ___~" he smirked, He suddenly picked you up bridal style and ran to the bedroom.

(Inside the strange place that is ____'s head)

My stomach churned, should I tell him? Over the past few weeks, months even, my feelings for the handsome English man had grown. You couldn't tell him tough. You loved Alfred and Matthew so much, you wouldn't want them to have parents who were always awkward around one another.  Was it better to leave it the way it was? This friendship that would never seem like enough, but you would have to be content with anyway?
Iggy, Y U NO CONFESS YET!? :icony-u-noplz:

I'm the one should be asking myself O.o

Next Chapter: (Enter of the Smexy Waiter! XD)
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