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April 16, 2012
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You've been stressing yourself due to work so Arthur invited you for a picnic, you didn't reject him because it's also a good idea to have a break. The picnic is located at the top of the hill, so it's great to spend some time there!

"Hey Arthur, how come you have lots of freetime?" you asked.

"Me? I don't do work unless I want to." he replied, taking a bite on the sandwich he brought.

"Really? I envy you... Arthur, switch places with me!"

"No way." he chuckled.

"Ahh... I want to leave my boss now... He's making me do his own freaking work!" you groaned.

"How ungentlemanly, letting a lady get stressed."


Ever since you became a country, Arthur is the only person you want spend time with, you felt so happy when he's around but that doesn't mean you're falling in love with him! You and Arthur are best friends, helping each other when war comes and  you're always there to help him. In the end you're the one who always need help. You always have wars with France and China, you can beat up France alone but when it comes to China you can't beat him because Russia is on his side.

You heard baby cries down to the hillside but Arthur didn't notice

"A-Arthur, did you just heard a baby crying?"

"Not really."

"I heard it!"

"You're just hearing things."

"Really! Let's check it out!"

"Like i said, you're only hearing things..."



You and Arthur went down the hillside and you saw two children wearing white ruffled clothing, the child with a blue eyes have a ribbon on his neck while the child with a violet eyes is holding a cream teddy bear.

"Arthur, are they abandoned?" you asked, hiding behind the trees still staring at the children

"I don't know, Let's ask them." he said, walking ahead leaving you behind.

'Ask them...? Is he nuts? They're practically  babies! How can they talk!?' Despite this,  you followed him.

"Hello there." Arthur greeted them.

"Hello..." they said in unison

'They can talk!?'

"What are you doing here? and where's your parents?" Arthur calmly asked, not trying to scare the children.

"We don't know..."

"So how you two end up here?" It was your turn to ask.

"When we open our eyes, and we're here!" said the blue eyed one cheerfully.

"H-Hey Arthur, don't tell me..."

"Ah, newly born countries"

"What are we gonna do...?"

"What else-" Arthur is cutted off

"" the violet eyed one said, his cuteness kills you.


"Wow ___, he called you Mama." Arthur chuckled


"Bloody hell!?" Arthur got shocked

"He called you Papa, Arthur..." you muttered, suppressing your laughter. Then, you and Arthur stared at each other, you both are thinking the same. 'They call us Mama and Papa...' You two blushed.

"Hey, Papa! Mama! Can you become our parents?" the blue eyed one asked.

"Arthur... This is serious."

"That's my line, ___..."

"I guess we have no choice, we can't leave them here right?"

"You're right..."

"What are your names?" you asked sweetly.

"We don't know..."

"Hmmm... Arthur, help me with this you name the blue eyes one."


"Then how about I name you... Matthew?" you smiled at him while caressing his cheeks.


"What's his name Arthur?"

"How about Alfred?"

"Sounds good?"

"So... Matthew Kirkland and Alfred Kirkland?"

"Don't forget, ____ Kirkland" he teased

"You really like teasing me!" you pouted and held Matthew in your arms and Arthur did the same.


In Arthur's house...

"Should I bring Matthew at my house?" you asked, setting  Matthew down on the couch.

"Alfred's gonna be lonely if you do that, why don't you live here?" he said, also putting Alfred down.

"What...? Can you repeat that again?"

"Why don't you live here?" he repeated

"You serious...?"

"Of course, love."

"Will my boss let me?"

"I'll talk to him."

"Are you sure? I'm probably causing you trouble."

"Come on ___! We're their parents now!"

"Fine then."

"Alfred, Matthew are you hungry?" Arthur asked the two little ones.


"Then I'll coo-"

"Let me do it!" you said quickly, if you let Arthur cook, it's the sad end of the kid's taste buds.

"Mama, can I help you?" Matthew asked shyly.

"Sure." you grinned.

You and Matthew head to the kitchen. Then weird ideas suddenly popped out in your mind when you looked at Matthew. ' Hey wait! What does Arthur mean that we're already their parents now!?...Parents... In bed... Sleeping together...' you blushed deep red at the thought.

"Mama? Something wrong? Do you have a fever?" Matthew asked worriedly.

"Oh it's nothing... And by the way, what would you like to eat?"

"Pancakes... With maple syrup!" again, with that adorability...

"How about you, Alfred?" you asked, to the other little monster.

"I think hamburgers."

"So... what can you do, huh Matthew?"

"I can arrange pancakes!" What he mean is placing the pancakes on the plate, of course.

Arthur and Alfred on the other hand...

"Hey git." Arthur's attitude had changed dramatically."Git? My name's Alfred! Don't call me that, bushy-brows!" Alfred stuck out his tongue.

'This brat... He has a same attitude as ___...'

"Papa, Why do you have such thick eyebrows?"

"You wanker!" Arthur snapped, then Alfred ran to the kitchen in a panic.

'Those words... Exactly belongs to ___...'

Matthew's cuteness keep distracting you from your cooking. It's your first time taking care of a child so you'll try to contact someone for advice.

"Oh Alfred...? What are you doing here?" You noticed Alfred hugging your leg.

"Papa is being mean to me!" he said, starting to cry.

"That man..." you sighed. "Hey Arthur! Can you get your British rear in here!?" you snarled from the kitchen.

'This is bad... ___ is angry...' he thought worriedly, so he headed to the kitchen.

"W-What is it?" When Arthur saw you he blushed, you look like a real mother now, the way you cook the pancakes all motherly-like.

"Look what you've done to Alfred."

"He's crying...!?"

"He is!"

"Tell me what Arthur did to you."

"He's mean!!"

"What the--?" Arthur looked so guilty.

"Arthur, you can't be a good parent to them if you're being mean to Alfred." you sighed.

"My bad..." he approached to you and kissed you on the cheek as an apology and sat at the chair.

"Mama, did you cook hamburgers?"

"Yeah." you replied, placing the burgers on the table. As Matthew said, he's the one who placed the pancakes on the plate. He look so cute when he do that.

"Papa, pass me the ketchup." said Alfred

"What are you doing...?" Arthur asked, Alfred drew faces on the burger with the ketchup. He drew you and Arthur holding hands, Alfred and Matthew between you.

"How cute." Is the only thing you said. It's already night when you looked at the window. You want to go home but you know that Arthur won't let you.

Later, after Alfred and Matthew finished their food, they relaxed while sitting on your lap, falling asleep a while later. Arthur helped you carry them to his bedroom and let them sleep on his bed.

"Now what are we gonna do...?" you asked, slightly blushing.

"Sleep..." Arthur removed his shoes and his gloves and lay down beside Alfred and you did the same without hesitation.

"___..." he whispered softly.


"Let's raise them..."
This story have different story lines every chapter~

And a special thanks to AkitheShinigami for correcting my grammars, Thank you! :iconbowplz:

Cuteness Overload~!

Next Chapter:

The Kirkland Family:

-Arthur Kirkland
-Alfred Kirkland
-Matthew Kirkland
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